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5 social media marketing mistakes to avoid when planning your next event

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG at Heads up, B2B marketers. Did you know that events are typically the second-biggest line item, after sales force costs, in corporate marketing budgets? According to a report by the Convention Industry Council, spending on hosting, attending, and exhibiting at events constitutes 21% of marketing budgets. That’s big bucks—and much […]

Does your sales force need more face time with buyers? 15 ways to use technology.

Recently I was interviewed by Meeting Pros Radio on how technology is reinventing event management. And I mentioned that technology-assisted processes can jump-start-and shorten-the sales cycle. Actually, the term “sales cycle” is rapidly becoming a relic of the past. “Buying cycle” and “Buyer’s journey” more accurately depict how sales really happen in modern times.

Technology to make your event planning smarter

A few years ago, an executive of a very large company arrived at a big-city hotel to speak at a sales event sponsored by his company. Perusing the “Today’s Events” sign in the hotel lobby, he was chagrined to discover that his company was hosting two events at the hotel that day—both addressing the same […]

Does the C-suite see the value of marketing technology?

Illustration courtesy Scott Dylan Jason Stewart, VP of Demand Generation at ANNUITAS, wrote an intriguing article discussing whether the CIO or the CMO should own marketing technology. Marketers, he noted, are collecting staggering amounts of information from a host of technologies-marketing automation, CRM, web analytics, and the list goes on and on. But a study […]

What happens when a crisis “attends” your event?

Photo credit: Kelly Shur Last week, I went to Orlando to meet clients for a pre-event site visit. I knew that with airport and car rental hassles in two cities, flying would only save me an hour over driving, so I opted to drive. Then I decided to leave at 11:00 a.m. instead of early […]

B2B marketers: The meetings industry has a message for you!

A news report last week in made my day. The headline: Industry Unites for Push to Extol Benefits of Face-to-Face Meetings At the Professional Convention Management Association’s Convening Leaders event in Boston, the Meetings Mean Business coalition kicked off a $500,000 campaign to call attention to the substantial value of face-to-face events (Tweet This). […]

CFOs want to know: What’s the value of marketing?

Jon Miller, co-founder of marketing automation firm Marketo, wrote a superb article for Inc. Miller explains why CFOs have difficulty grasping the value of marketing. It’s because marketers are so wrapped up in “short-term thinking,” they can’t quantify their own value. He points out that “the best way to develop a marketing budget is to […]

A New Year’s Resolution for CMOs

I just came across this June blog post from Gartner’s Laura McLellan, vice president of research: “… marketing must develop ways to evaluate and communicate its effectiveness and contributions to corporate goals in terms that are compatible with corporate objectives and relevant to executive management. The goal is for CMOs to be able to communicate […]

When is a Webinar a Winner?

In my last post I examined the relationship between webinars and face-to-face events. Now let’s look into the essentials for a winning webinar. A webinar makes sense when several of these are true: You need to quickly identify and qualify potential buyers in a target audience. You want to nurture a list of “not-ready” prospects […]

What about Webinars?

In a September post, “Face-to-Face Meetings Build Trust – and Your Brand,” Chuck Jones made the point that face-to-face events are essential in the world of B2B marketing. They give prospects the opportunity to interact with your people and experience your company. Let’s examine the relationship of webinars to face-to-face events. A decade ago, many […]