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#Eventprofs and #Marketingprofs see how you can utilize events as content marketing machines
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#Eventprofs turn your event plan into storytelling to promote attendance. Good idea @EventMB
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#Eventprofs, our new blog post will tell you exactly how intertwined content marketing and events can be!
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#Eventprofs, learn how content marketing and marketing events work together to generate revenue!
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Content marketing and marketing events work hand-in-hand to generate revenue. The latest ROI Blog explains how:

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Marketers: Connect the dots between content and events

Marketers: Connect the dots between content and events What if you had an event and few showed up? You'd look for reasons, of course. Here are a few clues you might uncover:
  • Your promotions didn't resonate with the audience.
  • Invitees were not "hooked" by the dull, uninspired agenda.
  • Your past events failed... Read More

Does one of your biggest budget items need a makeover?

Heads up, B2B marketers. Did you know that events are typically the second-biggest line item, after sales force costs, in corporate marketing budgets? According to a report by the Convention Industry Council, spending on hosting, attending, and exhibiting at events constitutes 21% of marketing budgets. That's... Read More

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