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Excellent analysis of the importance of embracing buyerÂ’s journey from @ebuilder
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Track leads and measure revenue attributable to participants of specific events. 15 tips #meetingprofs
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Discover how mobile apps can outlive your meetings
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15 tips on how pairing tech and events engages prospects, builds trust and shortens buying cycle
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Why getting face time with influencers and decision makers is so important for your #sales efforts

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Does your sales force need more face time with buyers? 15 ways to use technology.

problem Recently I was interviewed by Meeting Pros Radio on how technology is reinventing event management. And I mentioned that technology-assisted processes can jump-start-and shorten-the sales cycle. Actually, the term "sales cycle" is rapidly becoming a relic of the past.  "Buying cycle" and "Buyer's journey" more accurately depict how sales really happen in... Read More

Keep asking 'what's the problem?' for smarter meetings

problemMarketing-oriented blogs, I've found, often are gold mines of inspiration and general business advice transcending multiple job functions. This week I discovered Jeffery Slater's blog, "momentslater. " Marketing teams, he writes in his post "Skipping to Tactics," tend to immerse themselves in working on tactical executions before they've fully... Read More

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