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Today's #SavvyPlanner tip: Our VIDEO #budget series continues #eventprofs
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#Eventprof Allyson Wagner spoke at the #ATL @PYMLive event. See what she said about the importance of #greenmeetings
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Have you seen the two big myths #eventprofs are telling themselves about #sustainable meetings?
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CFOs want to know: What's the value of marketing
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#Eventprofs. How have you made your past events greener?

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Just for you: A short video with a BIG idea

Remember the good old days, when marketers could get their budgets approved with nebulous justifications, such as "building brand awareness" and "generating leads"? Not any more! Today, the C-suite wants proof of what it is getting from its investment in marketing. In-person events, of course, are no exception. Management will demand metrics on how similar events have performed in the past, and the plan... Read More

Two Big Myths About Green Meetings

IBM-Event-Connect It's time for meeting planners to stop putting green meetings initiatives on the back burner and start realizing that some of their initial assumptions about a green meeting might not be true. I attended the Plan Your Meetings (PYM) Live event several weeks ago in Atlanta and had the opportunity to... Read More

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