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#Event attendees distracted by technology – what do you do? BLOG:
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#Eventprofs, are you focused on measuring cost rather than value?
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Does your CMO see value in the #event data you’re collecting?
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Are you collecting staggering amounts of information… and not receiving value?
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Mobile device ubiquity – a deal-breaker at #events? BLOG:

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Mobile devices: friend or foe at your events?

Mobile devices: friend or foe at your events? Picture this: At one of your key marketing events, the speaker is building an air-tight case for why attendees need to invest in certain innovations that your company just happens to offer. Dazzling slides roll by in the well-crafted presentation. You... Read More

Does the C-suite see the value of marketing technology?

marketing-technology-culture Illustration courtesy Scott Dylan
Jason Stewart, VP of Demand Generation at ANNUITAS, wrote an intriguing article discussing whether the CIO or the CMO should own marketing technology. Marketers, he noted, are collecting staggering amounts of information from a... Read More

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