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#Eventprofs: Here are the consequences of Fed rules on conferences- and how to get funding for your events.
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Federal #EventProfs: Here’s a survival guide to get you through the crackdown on conference expenses.
Omnience @Omnience
#EventProfs: What are some of your boss's pain points when it comes to your events?
Omnience @Omnience
#Marketingprofs, your marketing events aren'’t over on the same day the event ends. Learn more:
Omnience @Omnience
#Marketingprofs can learn a lot from the #SOTU. See what here:

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A survival guide for federal event planners

federal event planners Remember the uproar over federal agencies hosting boondoggle meetings? Recently, the Washington Post reported the aftermath of the executive branch's crackdown on travel and conference expenses. Anyone desiring to attend a meeting of any kind faced massive roadblocks to approval. "Conference" and "travel" became dirty... Read More

What marketers can learn from the State of the Union address

state of the union Did you watch President Obama's State of the Union address last night? I did, but I'm not going to get into what he said. Rather, this post was prompted by a story I read yesterday on Yahoo: "Why Obama's State of the Union still matters in the... Read More

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