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Maximize the value of EVERY event: #eventtech #eventprofs #meetingprofs #marketing #CMO
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Tips for engaging people who did not attend your event -- #events #eventprofs #sales #marketing
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Everyone in #Atlanta knew this already.... Atlanta Ranks as Busiest Passenger Airport - again! #biztravel #eventprofs
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Q&A: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention via @BizBash #eventprofs #events #mpi #business
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Are your events secure? 4 conversation starters via @PlanYrMeetings #riskmanagement #eventprofs #meetingprofs

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Plan it before you do it

Kudos to Dr. Cathy Key for a superb article ("Are you an Event Planner or an Event Doer?") published recently by Event Manager Blog. "Every event has so many moving parts that it is easy for Event Planning to turn into Event Doing," she wrote. "But the danger... Read More

Marketers: Connect the dots between content and events

Marketers: Connect the dots between content and events What if you had an event and few showed up? You'd look for reasons, of course. Here are a few clues you might uncover:
  • Your promotions didn't resonate with the audience.
  • Invitees were not "hooked" by the dull, uninspired agenda.
  • Your past events failed... Read More

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