A seasoned group of event experts that deliver turn key solutions by supporting over ten-thousand events and two-hundred and fifty-thousand registrations in 37+ countries. We excel at program management, financials, event reporting and execution strategy. Our team loves what they do and strives every day to turn meetings into results all while having fun as a team and with our clients over the past 32-years.

Abuna Andibo

Three Words that Describe Me:  adaptable, innovative, clairvoyant

Fun Personal and Business Bio:  

Abuna is a strategic thinker who believes that events afford organizations a singular occasion to align their customer service and public relations initiatives. As an expedition leader in Africa, she sharpened her acumen to work with diverse teams and developed her collaboration and consensus building expertise.   She is multi-lingual and possesses solid analytical and numerical competencies. Abuna is very active in the vibrant Atlanta good food movement and is an avid supporter of the burgeoning AGLANTA (partnerships in agri-tech innovation) community.  She is a member of the Chefs Collaborative and Women Chefs and Restauranteurs as well as the Culinary Historians of Washington, D.C.

What I do Well (experience): Intercultural exchange, strategic planning, relationship management, project management, stress tolerance, develop and lead high performing teams, and manage multiple projects with competing deadlines.

Favorite Destination: Do we have to choose just one?? Okay then - Galapagos Island

Funniest Event Moment:

The creativity of the fake names that come through with some enrollments!

Favorite Food: 

Cheese glorious cheese

Favorite Animals:   Elephants

What I like to do (hobbies):   cooking, gardening, hiking, reading

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse:

Quote:  "Listen with the intent to understand"

Song:    difficult to settle on one favorite but... Imagine by John Lennon and Nina Simone's version of Sinnerman are top contenders

Joseph Francis

Three Words that Describe Me: Funny, helpful, dedicated

Fun Personal and Business Bio: As a lead architect I enjoy developing systems that help us stay on top of the highly demanding and fast pace changes of the event world. Also a maker of many years, enjoy implementing projects that use micro-controllers, LEDs and the like. Living in South Florida is fun as is being with my better half Gabriel and our children -- the kitties.

What I do Well (experience): Develop computer systems and help people learn.

Favorite Destination: The middle of nowhere (destination undisclosed)

Funniest Event Moment: Meeting the Glenn Frey, he was joking the whole time - was unexpected and he was hilarious. * Still trying to think of a better one that is not a story - tough question.

Maybe if better; Staying at a hotel by the wrong Airport in Houston, my team mate was laughing so hard he promptly jumped into the cab and went to the wrong airport.

Favorite Food: Steak with steak on the side

Favorite Pets and Animals: Our lovely cats, even if they do wake me up too early

What I like to do (hobbies): Camping, Maker / Electronics / LEDs, Art

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein

Kent Gregoire

Three Words that Describe Me: Limitless; Resilient, Curious

Fun Personal and Business Bio: Since 2006 Kent Gregoire has served Casey Cote and the executive leadership team as business strategist and advisor, and from time to time jumping into c-level roles focused on moving the revenue needle. He has founded and served as CEO of more than a dozen fast-growth companies and serves several companies as business advisor. Kent is a member of Entrepreneurial Organization and enjoys spending time at his Vermont farm that when built out will include opportunities for on-site multi-day business and executive leadership retreats.

What I do Well (experience): Visionary, Strategic, Entrepreneur

Favorite Destination: Taplin Hill Farm, Corinth, Vermont

Favorite Food: Keeping me in ketosis. Raspberries. Cheat - Craft IPA Beer

Favorite Pets and Animals: Labrador Retriever's; Scottish Highland Cattle; Alpaca's

What I like to do (hobbies): Travel, Tennis, Exercise, Fly Fishing, Farming

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: Irish Blessing

Kevin Kelley

Three Words that Describe Me: Outgoing, Dedicated, Logical

Fun Personal Bio: I make a mean bloody mary (tip: go to the fish market and ask for a bag-o-lobster tails)

Fun Business Bio: I'm great at brining people together to sing kumbaya and even better at breaking down complex problems and processes so it can be explained to a seven year old (although my explanations seem to use the word 'magic' a lot)

Favorite Destination: the beach...any beach as long as there's no wifi and I can feel and smell the ocean

Funniest Event Moment: when the lead singer sent back his steak because it was not a filet and I got to eat a nice NY strip and what them perform...thanks Adam Ant

Favorite Food: Steak...a nice NY strip...all alone or with some good green veggies

Favorite Pets and Animals: I love my black lab Brody

What I like to do (hobbies): biking, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, racquetball, golf, tennis, beach lounging (yes, done right its a hobby)

Favorite Quote: "Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose." - Lyndon B. Johnson

Favorite Song Lyric/Verse: "You better lose yourself in the music, the moment. You own it, you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow." - Eminem

Kirby Winters

Three Words that Describe Me: Dedicated, Intellectual, Energetic

Fun Personal and Business Bio: I have been a student of technology for as long as I can remember and have immersed myself in it for decades. I have cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit starting in 1999 when I founded my own business and sold it in 2011. I joined Omnience in 2016 to head up the Ontrac and Software Solutions organization. My passions include family, tennis, skiing, technology and travel.

What I do Well (experience): leading teams of smart, creative people to create groundbreaking software

Favorite Destination: Whistler, Canada

Funniest Event Moment: Too many to name. We have a float in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah every year and our Clan has had a Green Goat in the parade each year. We have been on the TV most years with it. Not sure this is good for the website.

Favorite Food: home cooked ny strip steak and shrimp on the grill

Favorite Pets and Animals: My Standard Schnauzer

What I like to do (hobbies): Tennis, Travel, Foodie

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. - Robert A. Heinlein

Lisa Doucette Walton

Three Words that Describe Me: Friendly, Grateful, Passionate

Fun Personal and Business Bio: Born and raised in Massachusetts, I once moved to the high-desert in California for a 5 year period (1991-1995) and wondered "How did I get here?". While I continued to ponder that question, in 1991, I came upon an ad to work the Inaugural "Poppy Festival" in the Antelope Valley, and as they say, the rest is history. My natural ability and affinity to become entrenched in organization and details led me to a successful 25-year career of meeting and event planning, with a family wedding, graduation or birthday party thrown in from time-to-time. I soon learned I was good at working well under pressure and embraced the challenges each new opportunity presented. I found my calling and have never looked back. When not at work, make no mistake, I am probably planning or organizing something for my family or friends and relishing every minute. I have been known to ask too many questions, but you only have to tell me something once... my husband and co-workers marvel at my "steel trap". When I am not working, planning or asking questions, I can be found researching my next tropical vacation with my husband, spending time with my 5 siblings, mom and extended family, and continuing my quest to be the best mom to the best gift ever.. my daughter.

What I do Well (experience): I am a savvy problem-solver who anticipates and resolves problems prior to escalation, and a leader who empowers and motivates teams to achieve impressive results. I am known for my ability to take charge of situations and bring a sense of order and calmness to teams and projects. I have a "do-what-it-takes" work philosophy; have often been called Mama Bear for the loyalty and protection I provide to my team(s) and may struggle as a Type-A personality from time-to-time.

Favorite Destination: Martha's Vineyard in the Summer, and any Caribbean location when the temperature dips below 30 in Boston!!

Funniest Event Moment: While, one of my co-workers may not laugh as much.. the "Flying Twitter Ball" takes the cake. Picture a 20' Twitter ball, waving in the chaos of wind and rain, over a man-made beach ... with an International Airport less than a mile away. Funny memory, not-so-funny in the moment!!

Favorite Food: Lobster (what else, I live in New England)

Favorite Pets and Animals: Bandit, my beautiful fur-baby who is a perfect mix of husky-collie and unconditional love!

What I like to do (hobbies): Running, Cross-Fit, Health/Wellness, Collect Shoes, Traveling, Movies, Reading, Quality time with all those I love

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: (Favorite Quote) Everything Happens For a Reason ... (Favorite Song) "Make Me Smile", Chicago

Megan Shields

Three Words that Describe Me: Diligent, energetic, and team positivity promoter!

Fun Personal and Business Bio: I have worked for Omnience since 2013 and LOVE my amazing team!! Having always been extremely detail oriented and planner by nature, when I began working in events it fit like a glove. I am always eager to learn new tools, or dig deeper into "old" tools, and often end up being a "how-to guide" for the rest of my team as a result. Though our company is in Atlanta, I work from my home in California. It is wonderful, but can sometimes too quiet. My solution? Play "The Office" in the background! (That is basically just like being in a real office, right?!?) When I am not working you can often find me trying to learn a new move up in my aerial silks (think cirque du soleil-ish, but not yet that skilled!) or at an Irish rock concert.

What I do Well (experience): Delivering a positive experience for the client and attendees. Also, anything in excel, especially when related to event space coordination or numbers of any kind. One of my favorite things to do is room diagrams in Social Tables (with exact measurements and equipment! :-)

Favorite Destination: Galway, Ireland; Water Island, USVI; Home in California Funniest Event Moment: During an event concert the singer encouraged thousands of technical business professional men to sing "I'm just a girl," they complied with great gusto and enthusiasm!

Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes, any pasta and/or bread!!!

Favorite Pets and Animals: Dolphins and dogs

What I like to do (hobbies): Aerial silks, baking, singing, puzzles, and playing Legos with my son.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: "Success is waking up in the morning so excited about what you have to do that you literally fly out the door" and "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground."

Michael Dotson

Three Words that Describe Me: Always Stays Calm

Fun Personal and Business Bio: 15 years Hospitality Industry Manager, 17 years Events Industry. Gosh, I feel old.

What I do Well (experience): Customer Service and Conference Registration

Favorite Destination: San Diego, CA

Funniest Event Moment: I once got stopped by conference security trying to go into a session because I was not wearing my badge. As the Director of Registration and primary BADGE MAKER, I should know better.

Favorite Food: Thanksgiving Turkey

Favorite Pets and Animals: Dogs, but love all animals

What I like to do (hobbies): Anything outdoors, hiking, backpacking, fishing.....

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: Ask not what this country can do for you but what you can do for this country.

Shanae M. Lewis

Three Words that Describe Me: Creative, Competitive, and Humble

Fun Personal and Business Bio: I graduated from Troy University, in Troy Alabama. After finishing college in 2010, I moved to Atlanta, GA to be closer to family and friends. Moving to Atlanta was the best decision of my life because I met and later married the love of my life, Duane M. Lewis. I now have two beautiful daughters, Kylie and Mackenzie. After getting married and starting a family, in 2015 I did an aggressive search for the perfect job and career. Luckily, I was hired on at Omnience during the summer of 2015. I absolutely love my job and the people that I work with every day and I am now the coolest employee that works at Omnience.

What I do Well (experience): Graphic Design, event management, marketing, and production.

Favorite Destination: Orlando Florida

Funniest Event Moment: After wearing my cutest high heels for 2 to 3 hours at an event, my feet felt like they were going to fall off my ankles. I finally gave in and put on pair of black and white sneakers with an all-black suit to finish out the long work day. I thought I looked crazy, but others thought my look for the day was very stylish. "Saved by the brand new, clean sneakers."

Favorite Food: Pickles

Favorite Pets and Animals: Gold Fish

What I like to do (hobbies): Swimming

Favorite Quote: Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Terri Dotson

Three Words that Describe Me: GET IT DONE!

Fun Personal and Business Bio: An Ohio raised girl that decided I would become the next Julie McCoy from Love Boat so I headed out for my travel and tourism degree! Although I never stepped foot on a cruise ship until my honeymoon I did find my passion in hospitality where I grew up learning the hotel business from front desk clerk to convention services and training any where in between. This career choice lead me into the arms of Omnience over 18 years ago where I came over to the planner side of the business where I continue to enjoy taking care of each and every client and being part of creating successful events with them.

What I do Well (experience): I put my client's needs first. My job is to understand their real needs and work with them as a team to make them successful. My hotel background allows me the knowledge to also become a great team partner with the venues we work with. Teamwork with the client but also the partner vendors is the only way to make an event truly a magnificent success!

Favorite Destination: Give me some sand, crystal clear water and crashing waves and I don't care what location I am in!

Funniest Event Moment: "Did you say you saw a beanbag chair blowing across the beach where my party is being held?"

Favorite Food: Popcorn- breakfast, lunch or dinner

Favorite Pets and Animals: No way can I pick just one- I would own a farm if I wasn't so busy. No Ostriches though (ask my later- childhood drama!)

What I like to do (hobbies): Pretending I can paint and back country hiking with friends

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: If Plan A doesn't work there are 25 other letters in the alphabet.

Vickie Sparico (the Vixster)

Three Words that Describe Me: Sociable, detailed, storyteller

Fun Personal and Business Bio:  Packed up the U-Haul truck in Cleveland, OH (many years ago!) to move South to work in the hotel business - hotel unknown at the time.  The stars aligned, and after a successful career in the hospitality business, made the move to the event planning side.

What I do Well (experience):  Penchant for all things housing to help clients maximize pick up, avoid attrition, and minimize the dreaded no shows.

Favorite Destination:  Where ever family and friends will be...ocean front is always a bonus!

Funniest Event Moment: Someone was verbally asked to make a sign that read Vendor/Exhibitors. It came out as Vendor Slash Exhibitors.  

Favorite Food: Sadly, anything that includes pasta as the main ingredient.

Favorite Pets and Animals: Our dog Gracie, our cat Tinkerbell and all of our other pets that came before them.

What I like to do (hobbies): Dancing, camping, cooking, star gazing

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: "If you are going through hell, keep going."  Winston Churchill

Vik Bangrala

Three Words that Describe Me: Dependable, Innovative, Problem Solver.

Fun Personal and Business Bio: New technology always sparks my interest to the point that I try to apply it wherever and whenever possible. I surprise my family and friends with my innovative home automation applications :) I have been around enough to see the IT scene evolve from its conception. I am passionate about IT and its applications have a significance in my daily life. Work is an integral part of me. I am lucky enough to work with teams that share the same zeal.

What I do Well (experience): Architecting and Building Robust Software Applications

Favorite Destination: Switzerland

Funniest Event Moment: When my 3 year old scared the heck out of the hefty built TSA guy when he tried to grab her Dora doll to put through security scanner.

Favorite Food: Thai Cuisine

Favorite Pets and Animals: Dogs and Horses

What I like to do (hobbies): Nature, Scenic Drives, Hitting the Gym, Hanging out with buddies.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: "No legacy is so rich as honesty" -William Shakespeare

Jennifer Smithwick

Three Words that Describe Me:  memorable, logical, passionate 

Fun Personal and Business Bio:  I moved to Atlanta from New York, by way of Miami. I attended middle and most of high school overseas. I speak German. I studied five different majors while in college. I currently reside in Dunwoody, Ga and am known for my home brewed kombucha, innovative side projects, and occasional foul mouth.  

What I do Well (experience):  I operate at an above average frequency with people who are difficult to deal with. Side note: I am crazy good with people who are awesome.

Favorite Destination:  Phuket, Thailand 

Funniest Event Moment:  Ask my Director about "Bye Felicia" ;) 

Favorite Food:  ALL THE FOOD 

Favorite Pets and Animals:  I do not have any pets, but I own a cactus named Bobby. 

What I like to do (hobbies):  I ride a bicycle sometimes, I often play tennis horribly, and I love to spend lazy days at our lake house with my family. 

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse:  "Love Me! ...if that's what ya wanna do." -Matty Healy

Jaime Castro

Three Words that Describe Me: Charismatic, efficient, direct

Fun Personal and Business Bio: Currently living in Atlanta, but a Jersey girl at heart. I find the positive in all things and enjoy taking on new projects. I love a challenge and try to leave some sparkle wherever I go.

What I do Well (experience): I've been told I operate at a high spin rate....which means I can multi task while also paying attention to all the details. I thrive off of being busy and creating order out of chaos.  

Favorite Destination: anywhere the sun is shining

Funniest Event Moment: what happens in Vegas...

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Pets and Animals: Archie (my dog) is the best, but I'm a lover of all animals. Life is definitely better with a dog,  or two.

What I like to do (hobbies): I'm always in search of the elusive idea they call "sleep." I also enjoy being outside with family and friends.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: Don't let anyone dull your sparkle Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain - DMB

Erin Parcells

Three Words that Describe Me: Positive, Lively, Approachable

Fun Personal and Business Bio: As the youngest member of our Omnience team, I provide a hip and refreshing perspective for our Registration Team. I am able to multi-task effectively while providing a fun and bright atmosphere for my coworkers. After teaching English abroad in Spain for two years, I am able to keep my cool in extremely testing situations, which has proven to be a very important skill being in the customer service industry. You've probably heard my melodic voice throughout our hallways as I love to sing. You can find me doing arts and crafts, at a concert enjoying live music or in the kitchen - not cooking, but rather taste-testing for the chef.

What I do Well (experience): I'm bilingual so I'm able to close the language barrier between our Spanish-speaking clients and us.

Favorite Destination: Domestic - San Francisco, International - Budapest

Funniest Event Moment: TBD

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Pets and Animals: French Bulldogs!

What I like to do (hobbies): I love to travel. I try to travel as much as I can because I would rather fill my life with experiences and stories, not things to show off. Around Atlanta, my friends and I love to grab brunch and go to as many food and music events/festivals as possible.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: By Dr. Seuss, "Be who you are and say what you feel because those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter."

Darryl Jackson

Three Words that Describe Me:  Faith, Focused, Fun

Fun Personal and Business Bio:    I enjoy helping folks reach their full potential and building businesses with great people, processes, and technology.

What I do Well (experience):  Lead and Motivate Associates, Build Teams and Management Systems, Create an Excellence Environment,  Results Oriented

Favorite Destination:  Seaside On the Gulf Coast, Hilton Head

Funniest Event Moment: At Tradeshow, was asked...'Are you Sam Waterson from Law and Order?"  

Favorite Food:  Barbecue/Tailgate Picnic Food

Favorite Pets and Animals:  Cats and Dogs  (Dogs passed away and only have the cat now)

What I like to do (hobbies):  Beach, Tennis, Golf, Piano,

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: "it's not about the years in the life, but the life in the years."

Cindy Niemond

Three Words that Describe Me:  Energetic, Fun, Generous

Fun Personal and Business Bio:   Studied Fashion Merchandising in college, and put that knowledge to work in the hospitality business arranging special events and meetings – they always look good and fashionable – like me!    

What I do Well (experience):  Organizing chaos, and reconciling bills at the end of events.

Favorite Destination:  Anywhere there’s a beach – except if it’s in the North Pole!

Funniest Event Moment:   Watching a guy from our Event Office at an event try to find his way out of the parking garage - kept going in circles and he finally had to call someone at hotel to help him get out of the parking garage.    You might have had to be there but this was very funny because he was in there for almost an hour.  And I did know who he was.    

Favorite Food:     Any type of Seafood

Favorite Pets and Animals:  Love all types of Dogs

What I like to do (hobbies):  I love to play tennis and golf in my spare time and go to the lake and beach.   I also like to wash and iron.  

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse:   "Yes in Deedy" or "It's better to give than to receive"  

Favorite Color:  Blue  

Chris Cote, Chief Operating Officer 

Three Words that Describe Me: Respectful, Accountable, Humble 

Fun Personal and Business Bio: Husband, father, sounding board and part time "psychologist".  During the 30 plus years of my professional life, I have been a part of or supported team environments.  I love observing individuals evolve into one cohesive team working together to achieve common goals and results and supporting one another along the way.  The harder things are, the greater the reward and the greater the opportunity for personal growth.  Listening and encouragement is paramount!  Accountability and ownership are the seeds to greatness and fulfillment!  My liberal arts education has taught me about "the essence of things".  Doing the absolute best at whatever the task or responsibility is that faces you....professionally and personally.  I am a facilitator promoting freedom to learn, express and perform.


What I do Well (experience): Listening and understanding before acting. 

Favorite Destination: Anywhere surrounded by nature. 

Funniest Event Moment: Rescuing a terrified seagull that found itself in the middle of the meeting space. 

Favorite Food: Freshly caught fish....preferably by me. 

Chris Bonnett

Three Words that Describe Me: Foodie. Millennial. ISTJ.

Fun Personal and Business Bio: I'm a millennial. I love staying active - that activity may be on social media, in the gym, or at a networking event. I am very involved on several committees with the Georgia Chapter of Meeting Professionals International. My day-to-day job is in our registration department, but I love the opportunity to go onsite for our clients' events.

What I do Well (experience): Excel. Staying organized. Keeping others organized.

Favorite Destination: Domestic - Chicago. International - Barcelona

Favorite Food: Chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Pets and Animals: Dogs - all the puppies!

What I like to do (hobbies): Network. Try new restaurants. Attend music and/or food & drink festivals.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: "Hold on tight a little longer. What don't kill ya, makes ya stronger. Get back up, 'cause it's a hard love." - HARDLOVE by NEEDTOBREATHE

Favorite Pets and Animals: Omni my rescued border collie/shepherd mix found living behind our office building.  I love and respect all animals big and small. 

What I like to do (hobbies): Everything outdoors: golfing, hiking, fishing, boating, observing the wonders of nature 

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: "I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order"... John Burroughs 

Charlotte Reeves

Three Words that Describe Me:  Realistic, Compassionate, Self-Achiever 

Fun Personal and Business Bio:  Southern girl who loves to travel and has spent 29 years in event management industry.   Maintains a long standing track record, delivering first-class programs with budgets up to $22.5M,  attendees ranging from 1,500 to 50,000.  Working for corporations in a variety of B2B and B2C industries including Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics and Home Healthcare, Sports Marketing and most recently Technology Innovation managing international programs around the world. 

What I do Well (experience):  Event Management,  Event Design, Thinking outside the Box, Deadlines, Deliverables 

Favorite Destination: a tropical paradise with an umbrella drink   

Funniest Event Moment:  

Favorite Food:  Pizza, Chinese and Mexican 

Favorite Pets and Animals: Dogs and horses

What I like to do (hobbies):  traveling, weekends at the lake, wine tasting, hiking, long walks, shopping and new adventures     

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse:  "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Chad Collier

Three Words that Describe Me: Efficient, Organized, Logical

Fun Personal and Business Bio: A native of Georgia, I grew up a fan of local sports teams and enjoy spending time with my wife and three sons. You can find us on the golf course, between the hedges in Athens, at a nearby beach or in the mountains. I've spent 25 years in IT as a developer and consultant across many industries with the last 15 at Omnience helping deliver event management solutions.

What I do Well (experience): Often referred to as the "universal donor" within Omnience, I support the entire organization as well as many client projects. Staying organized and time management are critical to my role. Just don't ask me to reset your forgotten password. 

Favorite Destination: Nashville or Hawaii 

Funniest Event Moment: High winds and sand storm at beach event at Mandalay Bay 

Favorite Food: Wings, BBQ, Peanut M&M'S 

Favorite Pets and Animals: Uga, University of Georgia Mascot 

What I like to do (hobbies): Golf, travel, sports events, live music and time with family  Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… The ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs 

Alpa Patel

Three Words that Describe Me: Down-to-Earth; Honest; Analytical

Fun Personal and Business Bio: I was born in India and grew up in Atlanta GA.  My immigrant background and the blend of people in Atlanta, have provided me a great opportunity to meet people from varied backgrounds.  After getting my undergrad in Hospitality, I joined the Omnience team.  Working with Omnience for the last 10 years has provided great exposure to a variety of events big and small.  After several years in the industry, I found my passion was with numbers.  I went back to school and obtained a second degree in Accounting and have since worked in the Financial Coordinator position at Omnience.  

What I do Well (experience): I love bringing order to chaos.  Finding a system, a routine, a procedure to accomplishing a goal is like putting together all the pieces of a Jigsaw puzzle.

Favorite Destination: Loved visiting Denali National Park, Alaska ~ Nature at it's best.

Favorite Food: Indian!!!

Favorite Pets and Animals: Love all animals!

What I like to do (hobbies): Cooking & Traveling.  Best vacation would be to go to India and do a cross-country tour of all the famous street food!

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: Do good.  And good will come to you.

Allyson Wagner, CMP 

Three Words that Describe Me: loyal, sassy, grateful 

Fun Personal and Business Bio: First and foremost, I'm the mom to 3 amazing young adults who all followed in my footsteps to Clemson University. Born and raised a true Southern girl, I embrace hospitality and love to throw a good party.  Along with a successful career at Marriott International and many years as a parent volunteer in the public school system, I was ready to jump into meeting and event management at Omnience in 2007.  Passion for promoting sustainability in our industry led me to serve on the board for GMIC (Green Meetings Industry Council) and to incorporate making meetings environmentally responsible into our client services. Currently I serve on the board of MPI Georgia (Meeting Professionals International), supporting our industry through education and leadership development. In 2015 I took my first international faith based mission trip to the Philippines and have been hooked ever since, so I followed up in 2016 with a trip to Guatemala, where I'll return this summer.   

What I do Well (experience): Connecting people and ideas. 

Favorite Destination: the beach 

Funniest Event Moment: The "famous" Twitter ball incident 

Favorite Food: Haagen Daaz chocolate peanut butter ice cream 

Favorite Pets and Animals: Our black lab Luke, our rescue mix Tux, and our kitty Stuart 

What I like to do (hobbies): travel, play tennis, snow ski, watch college football (especially my Clemson Tigers) 

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: Quote: "She believed she could so she did" / Verse: Matthew 11:28 

Allison Forthun

Three Words that Describe Me: Mom, Fun, Laid-back

Fun Personal and Business Bio: I was born and raised in Atlanta...a true Georgia Peach!  :)  Graduated from Georgia Southern with a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management and have been in the hospitality business for over 15 years.

What I do Well (experience): Creating an event from start to finish. Details...lots of details!

Favorite Destination: Nova Scotia and the Caribbean

Funniest Event Moment: When Payton Manning winked at me!  :)

Favorite Food: My Mom's spinach quiche

Favorite Pets and Animals: Our dog, Sammy. He's 12.5 and a mix with a lab and golden retriever

What I like to do (hobbies): Hang out with my family (most live within 20 miles of me!) and daughter

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: I love all kinds of music: Bon Jovi, Run DMC, Dave Matthews, Justin Timberlake

"It is what it is"

Todd Gutherie

Chief Financial Officer Todd Guthrie is responsible for financial management and planning at Omnience. As a partner in the CFO practice of TechCXO, Todd has provided Omnience with a wealth of experience since 2009. He has performed in vice president and CFO roles in more than a dozen high-growth and fast-changing companies, including Tetra Laval and Lund International Holdings. Todd is a Georgia-licensed CPA who started his career with KPMG.

Paula Erickson

Three Words that Describe Me: Creative, organized, team player

Fun Personal and Business Bio: Born and raised in Minnesota. I have five beautiful kids and five amazing grandchildren. I have worked in the corporate world for 30 years mainly focusing in event design and production.

What I do Well (experience): Graphic event design and general session production

Favorite Destination: Jacksonville Beach with my son and family.

Funniest Event Moment: Trying to get to Montpellier, France. It was like a scene from "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."

Favorite Food: Love Indian food

Favorite Pets and Animals: I have 3 yorkies – Stella, Griffin and Mason (I'm slowly replacing my five children that have grown and moved out).

What I like to do (hobbies): Four Wheeling. Flower gardens – hosta freak. Dabble in photography.

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse: When someone told me I lived in a fantasy land, I nearly fell off my unicorn.

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