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We empower event marketers with insights to optimize event value!

Building a strong foundation for your event begins with understanding the corporate goals and objectives and aligning the marketing goals and objectives to successfully measure the results of events.

Omnience works with our clients during the discovery phase to identify where they are in the Strategic Meeting Management (SMM) process and how we can support their teams with top-down strategic planning, cross-portfolio alignment and executing smarter marketing events. Which will increase profits and justify spend with ROI analytics.

Do you need strategic advice to enhance your events? You’ve come to the right place! Send us your information and someone from our team will contact you to get started on a journey to success.

Step 1: Contact Us  

This is the first step in an amazing relationship with your event management company! Whether it’s through the Request A Quote page on our website, by email, or by phone – Omnience will answer the call to help you with your next event. One of our event execution professionals will be in touch to schedule your first discovery meeting.

Step 2: Initial Consultation 

Meeting and having the first conversation is paramount. We believe in face-to-face interactions, we want to get to know your brand and how it works. Our initial discussion will focus on the following areas:
Definition of success and KPIs
Tools, platforms and measurement systems
Organizations mission, value and culture
Organizational challenges
How do you see Omnience helping?

Reviewing the information above, will help us uncover the solution that will optimize your event solutions.  Plus, you get to meet the person(s) who you will be working with you over the next several months on your event strategy!

Step 3: Design & Quote 

At Omnience, we strive to have the most accurate quotes for your event. We insure that during the onboarding process, we understand the decision-making processes of the client and that decisions are made in a timely fashion to meet deadlines and maximize teamwork. Our financial budgeting, review, and reconciliation processes are recognized in the business as a best practice for both accuracy and speed. We also focus on careful on-boarding of the combined client and Omnience teams, so that from the start, clear expectations of decision making, assignments, and accountabilities are understood within the project planning process. This minimizes rework, increases efficiency of handoffs, and reduces unwanted costs during the fulfillment process.

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