Event Tools Expertise

Organizations that are committed to critical events to run and grow their businesses require integration between event management software platforms. Consolidating disparate data from multiple event management systems provides increased efficiencies and higher ROI for all sizes and types of events. Ontrac by Omnience delivers sophisticated optimized data metrics that help large and small companies get significantly improved return on investment from their critical events.

Omnience’s expertise in event management for some of the world’s largest companies provides a tremendous foundation for extracting the key actionable data points that allow event managers to improve attendee engagement in real time. Events tools have improved tremendously over the past 10 years with terabytes of data being created for each event. Event owners and managers must attempt to run an event while combing through mounds of data for useful nuggets of information. Most of the time, event analysis is not completed until many months post-event, and well past the time of usefulness. Ontrac is a sophisticated cloud-based solution that provides a total 360-degree view of the event data points, bringing together the reams of disparate data.

ontrac - Omnience EventsEvent analysis should not begin months after an event ends. The lifecycle of an event spans many months and incorporates multiple technology tools that are not integrated. Ontrac connects data from marketing systems, email campaigns, registration systems, attendance tracking and post-event surveys to build a picture of the event effectiveness and relate it across the portfolio of events for an organization.

Using predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms, Ontrac’s engagement metrics allow event owners to get the most out of their significant investments in their event universe.

Third-party registration platforms provide a good start for supporting your tactical event tasks, but they fall short in truly understanding the attendees’ sentiment, focus and experience throughout the entire event process. Using these actionable data points in real time will free up the event owners and managers to lead a more efficient event, while making updates to ensure attendees get the most from their experiences. Comparing events through the trend analysis capabilities in Ontrac will guarantee that events will continue to improve and provide more value back into your organization.