Planning Events With Pink Power

tips on incorporating charities into events

Planning Events With Pink Power

Incorporating Charities Into Events During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is the month where everything turns pink. From sports jerseys to billboards, pink ribbons show up everywhere to help us remember the fight that so many women must endure all year. Breast cancer is a pervasive condition that changes lives forever, and the numbers are shocking. The latest research says that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. Thanks to growing awareness and innovative treatment, fatality rates have been declining since 1989. This is why supporting organizations dedicated to eradicating breast cancer by incorporating charities into events is so important!

As a testament to the battles patients experience and the work doctors and researchers put in, the professionals at Omnience™ are offering some tips for incorporating charities into events. This way, your company can be actively involved in raising breast cancer awareness, providing support for survivors, and generating life-saving funds for more comprehensive research. Strategically incorporating charities into events and corporate meetings and events not only makes a real difference for these causes but also connects with your attendees through meaningful, engaging events.

Evaluating Possible Partnerships

Not all charitable organizations are built the same way, so it is worth looking at your options to find the right partner for your business. Consider what you are looking for in a charitable partner, and then do some research before you begin designing events around specific charitable experiences. Consider what aspect of the breast cancer journey you want to support, whether it is research, prevention, awareness, or patient assistance.

It often helps to begin by thinking small and considering local charities first. Smaller organizations have lower overhead, which means even limited donations and resources can have a huge impact on helping them meet their goals. This can also help you build a true partnership with them, looking beyond this one event but into a fruitful future for you both.

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Choosing A Charitable Experience

Your meeting or event’s contribution should be an extension of your business, industry, or event theme. Consider the culture of your event or meeting and your attendees’ interests. Through utilizing some pre-event survey information, you can ensure a tailored experience that will stick with your attendees long after the event is over. The key to engaging events is creating moments that feel personal, so dig into your data and identify what experiences will do this for your attendees.

There are numerous ways you can enlist your attendees to help out your chosen charity:

  • Packing care packages for hospices or hospitals
  • Creating works of art to decorate treatment or hospital rooms
  • Trivia or event-themed challenges to win the most money for donation
  • Creating beaded bracelets with inspiring notes for cancer patients
  • Designing floral arrangements and delivering them to treatment centers

Old female holding pink breast cancer awareness ribbon

Share Survivors’ Stories

Although there is an entire month dedicated to breast cancer awareness, many people are often unmoved by even these life-or-death issues until they touch them personally. Women who are battling breast cancer or have come through to the other side can be incredible speakers. Utilizing their experience, inspiration, and knowledge to further awareness through engaging events is an effective way of reaching your attendees.

Supporting the fight against breast cancer often means simply personalizing the message and encouraging everyone to be educated on the topic. Sharing survivors’ stories can be a moving, powerful experience. Designing events that harness your reach to spread their stories can pay off in big ways. Share the gift of knowledge with your attendees, and assist your local breast cancer foundation with disseminating their message.

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Spread The Word

Since most small nonprofit companies have limited budgets for marketing and publicity, one of the most helpful ways you can support them is by including them in your public relations. By promoting your work with a breast cancer charity, you are sharing their work with your community and backing them up with your partnership. This is part of building a relationship that works for both of you and supporting your community with a network of educational resources.

Of course, this kind of marketing requires balance since too much self-promotion can seem insincere. Focus on the charity itself instead of your contributions to it. Encourage attendees to use specific hashtags for the charitable experience at the event, and design the event with the purpose of creating shareable moments. This kind of organic publicity coming directly from your event attendees is much more impactful, drawing lots of attention to your business and your charity.

The Power Of Pink

Incorporating breast cancer charities into events is one way to use your platform to accomplish great things for your community and attendees. With some careful consideration and demographic analysis, creating engaging events around charity work can build lasting relationships and transform lives. For more information on how to design events around charitable giving, contact Omnience™ for their professional advice.