10 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Event

10 Things You Should Know Before you Start Your Event Trendy Topics Female Leader

10 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Event

Tips From Our Team to Help Your Event Run Smoothly

You spent the last few months sending out e-blasts, making design choices, communicating with sponsors, and sharing with potential attendees. Now it is finally time for your big event, and this is when the magic happens! You get to see all the details you have methodically chosen harmonize to support your theme and purpose. But hold on: there are still things you should know that may have slipped through the cracks.

The event planning process is a complex feat—part art, part science—created from thousands of checklists and plans. Overlooking even a seemingly tiny detail could drive your event off the rails. Have no fear; we have compiled ten of the best event planning tips from our Omnience team, learned from years of experience in the events management industry.

WiFi Requirements

It is an obvious fact that WiFi is an absolute necessity at events now. Your attendees will be doing everything from networking to uploading notes to a cloud on their wireless devices. No WiFi could be a disaster, so prepare accordingly. Make sure you, as well as at least one other team member, understands the setup requirements. Consider your event and how much bandwidth each area will require. If you plan on having a Social Media Wall, that will obviously require a strong signal. Some of your speakers or exhibitors might have their own Wifi needs, so make sure you make those arrangement ahead of time.

Have a VIP Plan

If you have VIP guests attending your event, having a solid protocol in place will ensure your event projects the professional tone you want. Identify your VIP guests ahead of time and clarify their roles. Consider entrance and exit strategies and whether you will need additional security. Develop a clear plan for where he or she will sit at various times of the event. If your VIP is a speaker, arranging for a green room is a nice touch that will allow him or her to relax before taking the stage.

Supplier and Vendor Management

Your suppliers and vendors are going to be the lifeblood of your event, so make sure you know who is doing what and when they are expected to do it. Having this information organized will save you from racing around during the event figuring it out on the fly.

10 Things You Should Know Before you Start Your Event Trendy Topics Pens
Prepare Your Emergency Supply Kit

With the fast pace of an event day, emergencies can happen and you need to be prepared. Your event might need backup handheld mics, dry-erase boards with markers, or an extra flash drive. Event planners have to be flexible, so you might find yourself hanging signs or repairing a life-size cardboard cutout. Plan for everything!

Contingency Plan

Your Plan B plan should be more than just a vague outline; it should be a solid description of how you will execute the event in the case of some large disruption. Pretend your venue is suddenly unusable, or your catering company will be hours late. What will you need to do to save your event? Develop a real plan of contingency and make sure your team is aware of it.

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Behind the Scenes Navigation

You don’t want to feel lost in a maze of hallways when you are on a mission to alleviate a disruption. Make sure you are familiar with the secret hallways behind the scenes so you can get from Point A to Point B quickly when it counts.

Dock Space Ins and Outs

All the time you spent planning and designing your event won’t mean much if nothing can get in, so know your dock space regulations. Every venue runs their dock space differently, with unique rules, rates, and times, so ask your venue liaison about loading procedures before you invite vendors to drive their goods over.  

Know Your Accountability Partner

Although event planners may seem to have superhuman abilities, you cannot actually be in two places at once. To ensure you are on top of everything, designate an accountability partner. This person can act as your second pair of eyes on your meeting plans and on the day of the event.

10 Things You Should Know Before you Start Your Event Trendy Topics
Your Speakers’ Topics

Help make your event a thoroughly educational one by coaching your speakers to keep information concise and easy to remember. People can usually only remember 3 or 4 pieces of information before becoming overwhelmed. Remind your speakers to stick with this rule, and your attendees will gain the most they can from your event.

10 Things You Should Know Before you Start Your Event
Social Media Plan

Social media presence is an important part event analytics, and you can no longer simply figure it out on the day of. Design a clear and clever hashtag prior to the event. Develop a plan to monitor posts and hashtags so that you can stay on top of trends—the good, the bad, and the ugly— attendees are sharing about your event.

Omnience event management professionals are skilled in leading flawless events. We offer a full range of services to help you with everything you should know before, during, and after your event to make a splash. Contact us today to start discussing how you use our experience to your benefit and optimize your next event!