The Ultimate Event Planner’s Travel Escapes

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The Ultimate Event Planner’s Travel Escapes

Bucket-List Experiences For The Ultimate Event Planner’s Travel Escape

Unplug, Unwind, and Find Some Unexpected Event Inspiration

Event planning is one of the most stressful careers. It’s no wonder that many event professionals crave an amazing getaway. Sometimes you just have to hop on a plane, turn off your phone, and escape the fast pace of the event industry. However, it takes a big experience to impress someone who has been there and done that. So event planners are always looking for epic event inspiration.

We have put together a list of some incredible experiences that every event planner should check off their bucket list. From azure waters to exciting adventures, we have included something to refresh and inspire everyone.

Northern Lights

One of the most famous natural phenomena in our world are the Northern Lights. As someone who dedicates a career to beautiful experiences, you have to see them. The dancing colors in the sky are caused by solar winds hurtling into space and making their way to Earth from the Sun.

Some of the best places to see the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are along the Aurora Belt. Alaska, Canada, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden, all wonderful vacation destinations in their own rights. Plan a visit to one of these locations for their own sights, sceneries, and cultures- and stay for the light show at night!

Event Inspiration:

Imagine a light show inspired by the Northern Lights at your next nighttime event! Bring the dazzling views to your attendees to close out an exciting program.

African Wildlife Adventure

For those wanting more excitement with a some animal spotting, an African safari can be a refreshingly different option. Africa is a huge continent filled with as many varying countries. As you can imagine choosing which adventure you want will be the most difficult part of the trip.

From luxurious glamping accommodations to rustic safari tents, you can watch amazing wildlife up close. The dramatic wildebeest migration is an epic show, including up to two million animals—wildebeest, as well as zebras and gazelles—who move between two countries.

The Serengeti offers rolling grasslands and savannah to give travelers a majestic experience. Translated from the Maa language as, “The Land that Moves on Forever,” the Serengeti is a must-see for new African visitors. It supports wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, gazelle, and antelope species as they roam the plains, giving you once-in-a-lifetime views.

Event Inspiration:

African adventures are all about connecting with nature, understanding different ecosystems, and seeing the raw beauty of Earth. Take this inspiration to your next event with immersive experiences about how attendees can care for the environment. Plan programs to help them make better choices, like carpooling, recycling, and using reusable water bottles.


Is a relaxing tropical paradise more of your speed? Visiting the famous overwater bungalows in Fiji will have the stress melting off your shoulders. Event planners know the importance of accommodations that make an impact. Waking up on the crystal blue Fijian waters is sure to be a memorable experience.

From coral reefs to mountain ranges, Fiji has something for everyone to enjoy. Forests filled with island animals and winding hikes are perfect for reconnecting with nature. Simply taking in the breathtaking surroundings and history of the South Pacific islands could be enough to inspire your next event.

Event Inspiration:

You might not be able to build bungalows, but you can bring some island-inspired relaxation to your next event. Use sensory cues like beachy scents and warm lighting to bring your attendees a relaxing experience. You can even book short chair massages or yoga sessions for meeting breaks to really help them shake off the stress!

New Zealand Canopies

Sometimes to unwind, you need a truly unique experience that goes right to the heart. Sharing experiences in a peaceful location can be an uplifting and inspiring way to spend a vacation. New Zealand is known for these profound locales.

Among ancient dunes and rolling red sands, you can find a sense of place in luxurious canopy-style accommodations. The monolith Ayers Rock can provide incredible perspective, while the local Anangu culture lends grounding history. This is what desert dreams are made of, and it is the perfect addition to any bucket list.

Event Inspiration:

New Zealand is all about epic views and meaningful experiences. You can bring that to your attendees with some thoughtful program additions. Stir your attendees’ emotions and help them connect with each other by choosing keynote speakers outside of the norm. Motivational speakers with powerful life stories can create personal, profound shared experiences with their messaging.

Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast

Stretches of coastline meet beautiful waters in Nicaragua—a hidden gem of Central America that is quickly earning a reputation for dreamy beach escapes. One of the area’s most luxurious hotels, Mukul, is a splurge-worthy destination that offers opulent spa treatments. It is a remote location made for restful beach days.

Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, so there is no shortage of pristine views. Its Emerald Coast feels almost indulgently quiet, featuring boutique hotels and lots of beaches for warm days spent slumbering in the sun.

Event Inspiration:

Take a cue from the Emerald Coast and offer your attendees some time for reflection during busy event weekends. Holding the space for them to consider what they have learned and experienced can make it all the more impactful. It can be as simple as offering meditation rooms for attendees to find their centers.

A more social trend is providing interactive areas for attendees to share what they are taking away from the event. Whether it is tech-based, like sharing a Tweet, or old school, like writing on a wall, the act of reflecting on the event will be beneficial to your data and their experience.


Producing spectacular events requires someone to manage all the details, and the role of event planner is growing every day to encompass even more of those responsibilities. This list of dream locales inspires us to take time for self care, whether that is a vacation across the world or an evening of unwinding from the event industry. Let us know how we can help alleviate some of the stress you are feeling or incorporate your vacation inspiration with our services.