Terri Dotson

Terri Dotson - Omnience Events Team
Three Words that Describe Me:


Fun Personal and Business Bio:

An Ohio raised girl that decided I would become the next Julie McCoy from Love Boat so I headed out for my travel and tourism degree!

Although I never stepped foot on a cruise ship until my honeymoon I did find my passion in hospitality where I grew up learning the hotel business from front desk clerk to convention services and training any where in between.

This career choice lead me into the arms of Omnience over 18 years ago where I came over to the planner side of the business where I continue to enjoy taking care of each and every client and being part of creating successful events with them.

What I do Well (experience):

I put my client’s needs first. My job is to understand their real needs and work with them as a team to make them successful. My hotel background allows me the knowledge to also become a great team partner with the venues we work with. Teamwork with the client but also the partner vendors is the only way to make an event truly a magnificent success!

Favorite Destination:

Give me some sand, crystal clear water and crashing waves and I don’t care what location I am in!

Funniest Event Moment:

“Did you say you saw a beanbag chair blowing across the beach where my party is being held?”

Favorite Food:

Popcorn- breakfast, lunch or dinner

Favorite Pets and Animals:

No way can I pick just one – I would own a farm if I wasn’t so busy. No Ostriches though (ask me later – childhood drama!)

What I like to do (hobbies):

Pretending I can paint and back country hiking with friends

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric/Verse:

If Plan A doesn’t work there are 25 other letters in the alphabet.

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