Casey Cote

Casey Cote - Omnience Events Team
Three Words that Describe Me:

fun, caring and exciting

Fun Personal and Business Bio:

I love to travel and challenge myself with new and current hobbies.

Whether it is skiing, wakeboarding or mountain biking, I love the thrill of speed and pushing the limits.

Spending time with my wife and family at the beach and lake offers a more relaxing time to recharge.

I love casting a vision for Omnience and navigating the journey – identifying emerging opportunities and thought leaders.

I look forward to moving forward with existing and new clients and partners!

What I do Well (experience):

Strategic thinking, thought leadership, incorporating emerging technology, empathizing and encouraging others.

Favorite Destination:

Any snow covered mountain that I can ski down as well as a relaxing mountain lake on a wakeboat!!

Funniest Event Moment:

Watching our attendees dance to the Doobie Brothers while the floor at the convention center literally rolled with the music!

Favorite Pets and Animals:

Our Scotties Max and Jock and black cat Liz – who are ALL famous!

What I like to do (hobbies):

Skiing, Mountain Biking, Wakeboarding, Wake Surfing and relaxing in the sun!

Favorite Movies:

Star Wars, Big Chill, Forrest Gump, Bond, Classics – Zhivago, Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia.

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