Spring Forward With Fresh Ideas for Your Events

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Spring Forward With Fresh Ideas for Your Events

Celebrating With Seasonal Event Design

Spring is a season of growth, birth, and renewal, and we love bringing that spirit to our event design as well! Not only is this month when spring is in full swing, but it is also National Garden Month, an opportunity to celebrate with seasonal event design and inspired event details.

Just like in gardening, planning an event starts with a tiny promise of potential—just a seed of an idea. We nurture it, feed it, protect it, and watch it grow into what it was meant to be. When we perceive a threat, we take action and exterminate whatever could be gnawing away on its roots. Through careful planning, tireless pruning, and lots of patience, we can bring a beautiful bloom to life for all to share in enjoying. This similarity makes spring a perfect time to evaluate your planning process and consider some fresh ideas.

Planting the Seed, Setting the Goal

The first step, planting the seed, requires choosing what exactly you want to grow. If you want a flower garden, you don’t plant tomatoes. If you are growing an apple tree you don’t treat it like a rose bush. This same lesson carries over into event planning. Without defining event goals and objectives, you won’t know how to proceed or how successful your program was.

  • Think Measurability

Defining event goals and objectives won’t be useful if you can’t accurately measure them, so put a plan in place from the beginning. What data points will be particularly important to record, and how will you do that? At what points during or after the event should you measure them?

  • Be Realistic

Of course, if your event goals aren’t realistic they won’t do you much good. Have a direct conversation with stakeholders about what they can expect.

  • Track Benchmarks

Along your way to reaching your goals, track your progress and the actions you are taking to get there. This will help you when measuring success post-event and will give you specific direction for how you arrived at your final numbers.

Spring-Inspired Activities

spring event design ideas omnience

One of the wonderful parts of planning spring events are the endless opportunities to get attendees outside. We know that being outside makes attendees happier, healthier, and even more creative, and this is the season to incorporate activities like gardening into your events. Unlike some other outdoor activities, gardening is inclusive of almost all physical abilities and requires no prior experience or knowledge. This means that everyone, no matter your demographic, will likely be charmed by some time digging in some dirt. Here are some ideas for incorporating gardening into a corporate meeting or event:

  • Plant trees in a local park
  • Revitalize the landscaping at a school or nursing home
  • Plant the garden for a Habitat for Humanity home
  • Create a corporate community garden for your business
  • Assist the elderly with landscaping and gardening chores

Fresh Event Decor

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There isn’t much better than a springtime color palette with decor inspiration straight from the garden. Now that corporate meeting and event design has embraced festive, forward-thinking ideas we are free to play with the bright bounty of the season.

  • Give signature spring pastels a modern flair by keeping the decor clean and minimal
  • Feature freshly cut local flowers in your centerpieces, embracing the eclectic nature of a wild garden. Donate the centerpieces to local nursing homes or hospitals after the event to cheer up the spaces.
  • Showcase a flower wall for perfect Insta-worthy photo ops

Seasonal Food and Beverage

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Event attendees are more appreciative of thoughtful menu planning than ever, and spring offers an opportunity to give them beautiful and delicious dishes. Many venues are developing programs that work with local farms and vendors for the absolute freshest ingredients. Research the area around the event for markets and farms that can help your chefs develop menus to showcase what is in season. Some spring favorites for events are morel mushrooms, artichokes, asparagus, and greens like kale.

Focusing on local fruits and vegetables brings a freshness to your food and beverage service, and it can be engaging too.

  • Smoothie bars
  • Elevated salad bars with premium options like local fruits, nuts, and cheeses
  • Action stations for stir fry or omelets
  • Infused water stations with a variety of fruits and herbs
  • Handcrafted cocktails with fresh juices and herbal garnishes


Spring seasonal event design can be a joyful experience when approached with the same spirit of freshness and renewal that it represents. This is the season to infuse your events with color, life, and crisp details that will have your attendees smiling in surprise and delight. Omnience can develop the marketing plans, event design, and goal measurement to ensure your event takes advantage of the season. Contact us for a consultation and wow your attendees!