Experience The Outdoors At Your Events!


Experience The Outdoors At Your Events!

Make Attendees Happier, Healthier, And More Engaged By Getting Them Outside

Years ago, corporate meetings and events were often spent locked inside boardrooms, ballrooms, and stuffy event spaces. This meant spending days under fluorescent lighting, in front of screens, with perhaps a nice view out of a window. Thankfully, the event industry has seen the light—the sunlight—and has brought more activities outside where attendees can enjoy some fresh air.

There are many studies that show the positive benefits of employees spending time outdoors. From improved memory, blood pressure, and mental health to increased focus and creativity, spending time outside seems to be an essential element to health and wellness. Companies of all sizes are embracing this fact and helping support their employees’ physical and mental health by providing opportunities for them to connect with each other and nature in the great outdoors. Since March 30th is Take a Walk in the Park Day, we want to highlight how event planners can incorporate time outdoors in their plans for corporate meetings and events.

We are lucky to call Atlanta our home for corporate event management since there are almost endless options for outdoor events here in the Peach State. As Atlanta event planners, we have access to beautiful botanical gardens, mountain trails, and city parks. However, we do provide our full range of services across the globe, so we have included options for all climates. We have also provided some tips and tricks for making sure your outdoor activities are successful!

Morning Fun Run, Group Exercise, or Yoga Outdoors

This is not a new idea, but it is such a solid event activity that we believe it still deserves consideration. Depending on your event goals, company culture, and event attendee demographic, a heart-pumping exercise class or a relaxing yoga session performed en plein air could lend a unified beginning to the day. Getting outside in the early hours sets a great precedent for your event, ensuring that your attendees will arrive with a little extra creative juice flowing through them.

You can give the regular fun run a spin with a specific theme: pump an 80s playlist through speakers, hand out neon sunglasses, and encourage attendees to dress in their favorite 80s activewear!

Lunch or Break

Encourage attendees to refresh their minds and bodies between meetings and sessions by providing an outdoor space for lunch or a break. It can be as simple as a picnic-themed spread, complete with checkered tablecloths and paper-wrapped sandwiches.  Or bring in food trucks for attendees to experience local cuisines and have a variety of food choices creating a fun networking environment.

For an afternoon break, set up a make-your-own trail mix station outside with granola, nuts, dried fruits such as raisins or apricots, shredded wheat, pretzels, coconut flakes and dark chocolate chips. Let everyone scoop their favorite combos into snack-sized baggies to encourage healthy portions.  Guest like getting involved and creating a personal experience.

Evening Reception

Any event feels a little more luxe under a ceiling of stars. To cap off a successful event day, invite attendees to an outdoor reception. Simple and chic details like market lights strung overhead can infuse an outdoor event with a warm and upscale feeling. With the right furniture and decor, attendees will feel valued and special as they mingle in the evening air.  For a more memorable evening, hand out sparklers to guests and treat them to an awesome fireworks display.

Team Building

Something about being outside makes it easier to connect with others, which makes it a perfect setting for team-building activities.

  • Summer camp activities theme like archery, canoeing, and arrow tag
  • Sand sculpting
  • Urban scavenger hunt
  • Softball, volleyball, or kickball games
  • Competition to build a snow sled or boxcar
  • Sailing Regatta

Social Responsibility Activities

If you are planning a corporate social responsibility activity, it is a great excuse to get attendees outside while they improve the community.

  • Clean up a park
  • Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  • Build a playground or a community garden
  • Play a sport with a youth organization
  • Refresh a school with paint and new landscaping
  • Paint terracotta pots that will be given to a local nursing home
  • Update signs along a nature trail or in the community park
  • Take care of cats and dogs at an animal shelter, donate food and provide baths
  • Help repair or paint a local homeless shelter
  • Adopt a local highway or road and clean up the trash nearby
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Tips for Activities in the Great Outdoors

  • Include differentiated activity options so that everyone can participate no matter their physical ability.
  • Create a specialized emergency kit for outdoor activities and make sure it is accessible to you while you are outside.
  • Plan ahead for the weather and time of year. Consider offering tables of comfort items for attendees, such as sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Incorporate your branding and theme with visors, water bottles, sweaters, blankets, and sunglasses!
  • Educate your event planning team to recognize the symptoms of sunstroke or hypothermia and encourage them to take action when they suspect someone may be feeling ill.
  • Brush up on your food safety rules and assign someone to check the food throughout the event.


Supporting your event attendees means more than providing informative sessions; corporate meetings and event management has evolved into creating opportunities for holistic improvement in both body and mind. As Atlanta event planners, we are proud to create activities for event guests to refresh their spirits while surrounded by their fellow professionals. Let’s collaborate on your next event and bring your attendees all the benefits of the outdoors through our decades of experience.