Make a Splash With These Corporate Event Ideas!

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Make a Splash With These Corporate Event Ideas!

How to Create Memorable Meetings That Make A Splash

Event attendees are expecting more from their conferences, meetings, and professional events. As a response, more planners are designing holistic attendee experiences that are filled with variety, beauty, and value beyond the information they gain from meetings. Outdoor corporate event ideas are shifting to include exciting activities focused on reviving guests and improving their work-life balance. Designing a purposeful meeting requires more complexity, more details to align, and more customization. However, a meeting driven by guests’ needs and interests will also pay off with Instagrammable moments and more productive employees.

When it comes to satisfying the criteria of variety, excitement, accessibility, and beautiful scenery, water activities are a perfect choice. Whether it is a conference or an incentive destination, building in some time for attendees to enjoy time on the water can help create memorable experiences. The event professionals at Omnience™ love the idea of boosting guests’ health through breathing fresh air and partaking in physical movement, so we have come up with some creative outdoor corporate event ideas tips for taking your event to the water.

Make It A Family Affair

omnience outdoor corporate event ideasEven though mental health professionals tout the benefits of vacations on stress levels and productivity, 49% of working Americans will not take a vacation this summer. Vacations are about spending time with family members, participating in new activities, and being exposed to new environments—all points that can spark creativity and improve general well-being. However, of those who will not take a vacation, 22% say they simply have too much on their plates at work to take time off. Even when employees have paid time off, they don’t feel like they can make use of it; only 36% of those polled plan on using all of their paid vacation time this year.

To help take some of the pressure off your event’s attendees, consider making the event family friendly. This thoughtful gesture will go a long way in building a positive relationship with your guests. Allowing event attendees to bring their families shows that you are thinking about them as people, not just confirmation numbers. Including guests’ families is one big way to create a holistic attendee experience.

Making an event fun for guests’ families could be as simple as choosing a resort with appropriate accommodations. While planning your event, check what your venue has to offer for families. Many upscale resorts cater to children with elaborate waterparks on property or kid-friendly water activities, making them perfect for corporate event ideas. Going a step further and planning an excursion for spouses and/or children, such as a snorkeling trip, is an even better way to show your appreciation for your guests’ attendance and work.

Water Fun For Everyone

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Professional event coordinators love the flexibility water activities provide for guests of all ability levels and preferences. Depending on your targeted demographic for event attendees, you should plan on a few options at either side of the spectrum. Incentive activities are only effective if guests actually want to do them, so carefully analyze your guests’ interests and abilities for insight. Ask for their preferences before and during the event to get the most accurate information. The best corporate event ideas come from the people themselves.

Those who prefer to move at a slower pace will enjoy kayaking, canoeing, boating, and fishing. More athletic guests can try their hands at water skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, sailboarding, or jet skiing. When you are near the water, there are activities available for everyone; make sure you take the variety of needs in your guest pool into consideration.

A Different Kind of Water Break

Although day-long fishing trips and leisurely day cruises would certainly be great additions to your event schedule, short breaks work just as well. Many event coordinators are incorporating fitness breaks into their events, and taking this idea to the water is a fresh take on outdoor corporate event ideas for maximum revitalization.

Working a water-based fitness break into your event program will refresh your guests for the meetings ahead of them. Activities like paddle boarding or canoeing are perfect for quick guided lessons that will get your guests’ blood pumping.

Plan Watersport Team Building

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Of course, team-building activities are nothing new, but putting a water-sport spin on them will make them fresh corporate event ideas. Many water activities are naturally based on teamwork, so they make the perfect settings for cultivating trust, communication, and camaraderie.

Team building water activities can either be competitive or simply social. If you want to introduce some spirited contests, kayak races and multi-activity relay races are always winning ideas. Pairing up attendees to learn how to sail will require polishing their communication skills. On the other hand, if your goal is to break the ice, then a cruise around the lake or a snorkeling tour will get your attendees striking up conversations.

Not all resorts are set up for varied and accessible water activities as well as meeting spaces. Here are the best water activities resorts in the United States that stand out for their ability to accommodate meetings and events:

Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain in Vergennes, Vermont

omnience basin harbor

Photo cred: www.basinharbor.com

A beautiful lakeside resort with a variety of water activities to entertain all your event guests. They have well-appointed meeting rooms, as well as unique incentive excursions to round out your corporate event. An experienced staff will help you think of even more outdoor corporate event ideas that your guests can take advantage of at Lake Champlain such as kayaking and canoeing.

Casa Marina in Key West, Florida

As part of the renowned Waldorf Astoria resort group, Casa Marina is known for luxurious accommodations and thrilling excursions. Tropical Key West is a perfect backdrop to encourage your guests venture into the water after your event’s meetings and speaking engagements. With everything from dolphin snorkel trips to island Jet Ski tours, your event will offer lots of incentives.

Madden’s on Gull Lake in Brainerd, Minnesota

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Photo cred: www.maddens.com

Lovely lake breezes and scenic views will revive your event guests. It is easy to guide your event attendees to water activities that are right for them here, since they offer everything from relaxing pontoon boat rides to thrilling water skiing lessons. They even have seaplane lessons for the extra adventurous!

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Hawaii

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Photo cred: www.fourseasons.com

Breathtaking scenery is always a welcome incentive during a corporate conference, and this luxurious resort delivers. Your event attendees will have the ultimate tropical experience, including paddle boarding, beachfront dining, and sandcastle contests. The meeting and conference staff will even help arrange customized activities for your event attendees’ children and spouses, so everyone will have a memorable experience.

Loews Coronado Bay Resort in Coronado, California

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Photo cred: www.loewshotels.com

Views over the San Diego Bay make a beautiful setting for any event. This expansive resort is known for its variety of meeting spaces and activities. Take your guests to Silver Strand Beach for kayaking, speed boating, and anything else you can imagine. For a true California experience, offer surfing lessons for your event attendees to connect with the water before they dive into their meetings for the day.

By choosing a beautiful venue, and a good mix of exciting and relaxing activities, you can create truly holistic attendee experiences. While deciding to appeal to your guests’ interests and work-life balance seems simple, putting the pieces together can be a complex task. Contact the event planning professionals at Omnience™ to help you start designing your next engaging, creative event with unique outdoor corporate event ideas!