Modern Corporate Meeting Break Ideas

omnience corporate meeting break ideas

Modern Corporate Meeting Break Ideas

Want More Energized Meetings? Do Better Than a Coffee Break

As much as we might like to power through meetings and fit as much content into the time as possible, breaks are a vital part of the meeting experience. By offering meeting attendees short 15-minute-long breaks throughout the day, they can rest their eyes and synthesize all the new information from presentations. Breaks can improve energy and focus, helping make the rest of the meeting itinerary more meaningful. Most attendees seek out a caffeine fix and spend the time scrolling through their phones, but an exciting, novel break could be just the wake up they need. The Omnience™ event team has compiled some new and modern spins on corporate meeting break ideas so you can keep attendees delighted and engaged all day.

Meeting Break Snacks

Everyone likes to munch on something tasty during downtime, so offer them more than the expected table of coffee and cookies. Remember that even the snacks contribute to the overall event experience, so take advantage of the opportunity and come up with fun and novel corporate meeting snack ideas that will keep the excitement buzzing.

How To Create a Successful Snack Break

  • Remember to have lots of water available in addition to your other drinks. Too much caffeine or sugar can make guests crash, so you want to keep them hydrated.
  • Think grab-and-go snacks for the most convenience. Small bags, jars, or self-contained snacks will make it easy for attendees to pick up a bite and get back to business.
  • Don’t forget to label foods even during snack breaks to be considerate of everyone with food allergies or specific diet restrictions.

Popcorn Bar

omnience corporate meeting break ideas

We love the trend of offering new twists on childhood favorites, making mashups of familiar snacks and adventurous flavors. A popcorn bar is a great way to take advantage of this trend, since popcorn is generally inexpensive and easily portioned into small takeaway containers. You could set out elevated flavors of popcorn, like truffle or matcha, for an unexpected take on an old standby.

Donut Wall

A little whimsical and lots of fun, a donut wall is a treat worthy of an Instagram post (#bestmeetingever). They come in various sizes, shapes, and themes to fit your event and venue. Sometimes you just need a sweet pick-me-up on a creative display to surprise and delight your meeting guests.

Themed Bar

omnience corporate meeting break ideas
Photo courtesy of JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes

A themed snack station can be a perfect way to engage attendees during their break and showcase something special about your company or venue. The JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes is known for their on-location beehives, so their honey-themed snack table is always a topic of conversation during a meeting break.

Trail Mix

omnience corporate meeting break ideas

You don’t have to be crunchy to enjoy a mix of sweet and salty snacks. Trail mix is the ultimate choice for personalization and interaction since you can set out a variety of snacks, such as pretzels, candies, seasoned nuts, dried fruit, and chips. Attendees can make their own trail mix with an assortment of ingredients and bag it up to carry with them. The beauty of the trail mix bar is attendees will get exactly what they want and engage with each other over the process, sharing their own delicious combinations.

Meeting Break Activities

Many meetings take place around conference room tables, so a break is a great chance to stretch your legs and gather your thoughts before heading back into presentations or negotiations. Sitting too long can make guests tired, so revitalize their bodies and minds with some thoughtful activities designed to hit their reset buttons.

How to Create a Successful Activity Break

  • Consider your demographic and personalize the activities. The key to engaging activities is enthusiastic participation, so use your data to discover common interests that will entice attendees.
  • Offer alternatives or modifications for anyone who is not willing or able to fully participate.


A quick round of trivia will light up attendees’ brains in a whole new way while they step away from business. Part networking, part brain break, a thoughtfully planned trivia game can be a fun way for everyone to let loose—and show off their Beyonce knowledge.


omnience corporate meeting break ideas

A few sun salutations might be just what your meeting attendees need during their break. Yoga can be both refreshing and relaxing, and with more event guests taking advantage of healthier activities, they will be thrilled to roll out a mat for a few minutes.

Shake it up! Dance Party

For the ultimate escape from the rigors of corporate meetings, give your attendees an unexpected 15-minute pop-up dance party. Music and movement together have a way of melting stress and helping people connect. Define a space, turn on some colorful lighting, and turn on the music for a short and simple break that will reinvigorate your guests.


omnience corporate meeting break ideas

Just a short time of meditation is proven to do wonders for lowering stress as well as increasing perception, focus, happiness, and concentration. This is a great activity for attendees who don’t necessarily want to participate in anything too physical but still want a way to release their tension. Meditation can be done almost anywhere, making it a convenient activity for everyone and every venue.


Corporate meetings might be all business, but breaks can be about more than that. Bring your guests novel, surprising experiences that will enhance their overall perception of the event and improve their performance for the rest of the day. If you need more ideas for interactive event design or help executing corporate meeting break ideas that will wow your guests, contact the event professionals at Omnience™ for support.