Meeting and Event Design Ideas That Are Just Peachy

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Meeting and Event Design Ideas That Are Just Peachy

Event Design Ideas Inspired By Peach Blossom Day

Whether we are designing meeting breaks for C-level executives or networking experiences for conventions, we know it all depends on a fresh and wonderful theme. Pulling together the color story with food and beverage service can elevate the event design to feel immersive, thorough, and captivating.

In honor of Peach Blossom Day and our homebase in the Peach State, we are rounding up sweet event design inspiration. From using the color to brighten your event to feeling some fruity inspiration in your food and beverage, we are covering how you can put a little peach into your event. As an event management company in Atlanta, we have a lot of pride in peaches and are excited to show how very versatile the theme can be.

Peach in Event Design Visuals

From light and airy to modern and vibrant, peach can be a real color chameleon in your event space. Many event venues lay down a foundation of neutral colors, but others have their own color designs throughout their decor. The good news is that peach can add a little oomph to almost any color story, so chances are that it will fit right in at your next event venue. That is a good thing since it is known to support positive and productive feelings in people who are around this sweet color.

Color Psychology of Peach

Since peach is a pastel version of orange, it has all of the color psychology attributes of orange but presents them in a softer, more modern and elegant way. The effects of orange and peach are positive and should be welcome in meeting and event design:

  • Encourages great communication and conversation
  • Inspires proper manners and civility
  • Promotes optimism and enthusiasm
  • Represents friendship, adventure, and courage

These attributes make peach a perfect color to incorporate in the event design for any collaborative space, including meeting breaks, networking events, negotiations, and VIP receptions.

Complementary Colors to Peach

Photo Courtesy of The Knot

Considering all of the positive attributes peach can have on attendees’ moods, it is a surprisingly versatile color with lots of possibilities in event design. Though it is a pastel, it can be a fresh, modern color when paired with the right complementary colors. Here are some of our favorite color stories:

  • Peach and turquoise pops with vibrancy and even a bit of tropical inspiration.
  • Since royal blue is directly opposite of peach on the color wheel, it is a complement that brings lots of contrast.
  • For a feminine feeling, pairing peach with mint green feels very upscale, light, and airy.
  • Use pale peach as a neutral when you want a bit more warmth than white or cream.
  • Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, so they feel especially connected. Going earthy with shades of peach, terra cotta, pink, and yellow is a modern choice rooted in classic color choice.
  • Grey is having a moment as the new modern neutral, so pairing it with peach is a natural choice for a soft take on a trend.

Food and Beverage Ideas Inspired by Peaches

Even though the American state that produces the most peaches isn’t the Peach State—it is actually California—the best peaches are still known to come from Georgia. Georgia peaches are used at some of the nation’s best restaurants, and they are celebrated across the state in the form of festivals, street names, building names, and events. What makes peaches so special? Here are some of our favorite ideas for using all the delicious characteristics we love about peaches.

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Peaches:

  • Peaches are actually members of the rose family and are also closely related to almonds.
  • Peaches originated in China before making their way to Europe on the Silk Road.
  • There are more than 300 varieties of peaches in the United States, and over 2,000 varieties globally.

Peachy Food and Beverage Ideas

Peaches are great at crossing the borders of sweet and savory, so you can find peaches on dessert buffets, fruit trays, appetizers, and entrees—even beverages are improved by a touch of peach!

  • Break up the usual sodas and coffee offered during meeting breaks with a Southern classic: peach iced tea. The trick to the best flavor and texture is making a peach simple syrup for sweetness.
  • Ask a bar catering service to develop some signature cocktails or mocktails around peach flavors. Peach and basil make a dynamic duo, as do peach and mint or peach and vanilla.
  • Grilling peaches brings out a smoky sweetness that is irresistible. Chicken and peach skewers make a simple, flavorful, and health-conscious appetizer offering. Bonus points for being easy to eat on the go for busy event attendees.
  • Peaches make great toppings for crostinis paired with ricotta or goat cheese.
  • Since meeting and event guests are usually grabbing snacks off the table and taking them to their next session, individual peach hand pies make a convenient nostalgic treat.
  • Take advantage of the over-the-top donut trend by adding a peach spin.


As an event management company in Atlanta, we embrace the local love for all things peach and enjoy seeing it pushed to new heights. Whether it is infusing the color story with peach hues or providing a surprising peach flavor, this is one event design idea that feels as modern and innovative yet steeped in classic taste as the Peach State itself. Contact us to collaborate on your event design ideas, whether they are here in Atlanta or anywhere in the world.