What You Can Learn from Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day Kids

What You Can Learn from Red Nose Day!

Incorporating Charitable Giving into Your Events … Changing Lives!

The events industry is a powerful force. By gathering people together, we are cultivating ideas, energy, and action. When people work together towards a common goal, incredible connections can happen. It’s important for corporate event management companies to give back.

This is the premise for the annual Red Nose Day campaign backed by Comic Relief USA. By using the power of entertainment and collective participation, Red Nose Day drives positive change for American children. Their fundraising campaign encourages people to raise money and awareness to end childhood poverty in America—and it is working! Over the past three years, Red Nose Day has raised over 100 million dollars and helped more than eight million children living in poverty. Along with charities such as The Boys and Girls Club, Feeding America, Oxfam, Save the Children, and the Global Fund, Comic Relief USA has harnessed the positive change that is possible when you bring people together.

What You Can Learn from Red Nose Day

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So how can you use your platform in the events industry to produce positive effects on our world? Incorporating charitable giving into your events can be easier than you think, and it can bring your event guests an unforgettable experience. The key to incorporating charitable giving into your event is building strong connections to the activity and the organizations. Here are some fun and creative ways you can bring philanthropy to your event program.

Charity Auction

If you can acquire donated merchandise from some partner organizations, holding an auction for charity can be a great way to encourage your guests to support your chosen charity. It is simple to setup, and your guests will come away with a wonderful prize and a warm feeling.


If your event will attract guests with active lifestyles, a marathon to raise funds and awareness could bring life to your program. Participants can make a donation as their entry fee and share their experience to raise awareness.

What You Can Learn from Red Nose Day

Donation at the Door

Take advantage of your communication and marketing leading up to your even to educate your guests about the charity you will be supporting, and ask them to bring an item with them that you could then donate. You could ask for toys for kids in foster care, or pet food for a local shelter. This is a simple and meaningful option, since your guests will be using their own agency to contribute.

Golf Tournament

If your event guests would enjoy a day on the links, adding a charitable golf tournament to your schedule could be perfect. Ask players to get pledges for their rounds, and offer prizes for the highest pledges. Not only will this help your event raise funds, but it will also act as a social and networking opportunity.

For your golf tournament, you’ll need:

  • Great course to play on
  • Date that usually has good weather
  • Committee to help attract sponsors and participants
  • In-kind donations for event day needs, like golf balls and drinks
  • Plenty of promotions
  • Plan for the closing ceremony and awards

Bike Build

Guests can make a strong impact by coming together to construct bikes that will be donated to local children. This is an especially meaningful project, since guests will be hands-on in completing a tangible task together.

What You Can Learn from Red Nose Day Team Building Ideas Omnience EventsChoosing Your Charity

Choose Something Close to Guests’ Hearts

When you are thinking of which charity to work with for your campaign, take your guests into consideration. You will have the most luck piquing their interest in something that speaks to them and their concerns. Look at what connects them, and then help a charitable organization that is trying to solve a related problem.

Supporting your Organizational Values and Mission Statement

A great place to start is with your corporate mission statement. Most companies use their mission statement as the philosophy that guides their daily operations. Clarifying your mission will help you see the natural connection between your organization and a potential charity partner. You will be able to help identify other goals more readily in different areas of your business.  Consider certain factors such as the size of the charity, the age of the organization and whether the charity will do its work locally, nationally or internationally. Make sure organizations are registered with the IRS and have proof that meets the criteria for tax-exempt organizations.

Make a Community Connection

Sometimes the most meaningful ways to give back are hyper-local. Creating an emotional connection for your guests could be the best gift you could give them, ensuring they continue their charitable giving outside of your event. When guests came together to prepare donations for the Murphy family of Atlanta, they got more than they could have imagined. The Murphy family had opened their home to twenty-three adopted children, all of whom had various medical conditions. After building furniture and wrapping presents for this wonderful family, all twenty-three kids and their parents came through the doors. Guests were able to celebrate with them and see their faces light up at their hard work. This experience surely stayed with each guest even after they left the event.

What You Can Learn from Red Nose Day

Check Their Reliability

Ensure your time, work, and money will be reliably spent before investing in the planning process. Charity Navigator uses an objective ratings system to tell you everything you need to know about an organization before you make plans for your event.

Fundraising events are a popular form of fundraising.  While they can be great money makers for an organization, they can also be time consuming and expensive.  The success of events depends on careful planning.

Celebrate Red Nose Day by setting a goal to create an unforgettable charitable experience at your next event. At Omnience, we love seeing our values come alive and make noticeable differences in the world around us through events. Contact us today for more information about how we can optimize your event with fulfilling relationships, citizenship, and responsibility.