For Engaging Events, Look For “Made in the USA”

For Engaging Events Look for Made in the USA

For Engaging Events, Look For “Made in the USA”

All-American Ideas from Event Experts

When we are planning events, we are in a powerful position to shine a spotlight on some special products and businesses. Using this platform to support companies based in the USA is not only patriotic but also supports our economy and the environment. Designing engaging events with American-made products means creating a smaller carbon footprint getting them to you, and knowing that you are contributing to building or economy—benefits we can all appreciate!

July 2nd is Made in the USA Day, and we love the idea of incorporating American businesses into events. To help you put an American spin on your meeting or event, our event planning consultants have gathered some easy areas to plan on securing products that were made in the USA.

Farm-to-Table Food

More people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and support their local farmers by eating seasonally and locally. And there’s good reason to consider farm fresh food. As most of us become increasingly health conscious we want to incorporate fresh ingredients into our diet – understanding where our food comes from and the farm practices used.  Since the “eat local” foodie trend has taken over it should not be hard to find a local caterer or restaurant that serves American-grown produce and meat. This means being flexible about seasonally available items from the region where you are holding your meeting or event. Don’t forget to stop at the shops for some American-made artisan cheeses to add to your spread as well. Planning events around some delicious locally-sourced food sounds like a dream, and it also supports the American farming industry—a delectable win-win situation for any event planner! With positive intent, help from others, and a goal to have fun, you will be well on your way.

For Engaging Events Look for Made in the USA Wine

Local Wine, Beer, and Spirits

The American spirits industry is enjoying a resurgence, which can help create some engaging events. Of course California’s Wine Country is producing some world-renowned wines that would make a lovely addition to your event. However, you don’t have to go to California to get some American-crafted swigs; go to a local wine tasting, or take advantage of the craft beer movement and create engaging events at a local brewery. We are lucky enough to have Scofflaw Brewing Co. and SweetWater Brewing Company right in Atlanta. If you really want to impress, offer a tasting of American-made liquor. Of course, you could simply stock the bar with the basics: Tito’s Vodka, Yuengling beer, and Jack Daniels Whiskey are all American-made brands that any attendee would love to see at your meeting’s cocktail reception.

Go Red, White, and Blue…and Green

With American consumers moving toward eco-friendly options, many businesses here offer Green products. You can find products you will need at any event—like coasters, napkins, disposable plates, disposable flatware, and promotional products—made out of recycled materials right here in the USA. Designing events with this in mind could lead you to print on post-recycled paper from American companies like GreenLine. Paper straws are especially trendy right now, and you can even get them personalized with your logo. Doing some research and choosing American-made Green products will lend your event a double whammy of positive influence.

All-American Swag

Did you know that the ever-popular Tervis Tumblers are made in Florida? Zippos, Post-Its and Liberty Bottleworks water bottles are also made in the USA. You could give your guests a real taste of Georgia with Georgia Grinders natural peanut butter. Planning events around USA-made swag can be as easy as contacting one of the many promotional businesses specializing in American items. All of these quality products would thrill any event guest and can be personalized to match your business original event theme. Event experts know that for promotional items to work, attendees need to use them. Luckily, there are a huge amount of customizable items made in the USA for you to include in their swag bags.

For Engaging Events Look for Made in the USA Flowers Grown in the USA Omnience EventsFloral Decor from Outside Your Door

The field-to-vase movement is picking up steam, and American-grown flowers are easier to find than ever. Designing events around beautiful flowers that were grown and collected right here in America makes a lovely statement of support in the hospitality and events industry. Event planning consultants know the weight of their choices in vendors and products, and choosing flora grown in America is an especially important step in an industry that consumes so many flowers each year. Buying local or American flowers could mean being flexible with what is in season or what you can have shipped to you, but the collective boost to the American flower industry will be worth swapping dahlias for roses.  

Planning engaging events begins with a calling to project a greater message. Every decision you make as an event expert ripples through the various vendors and businesses you work with, impacting their employees in a very real way. The event industry is about making connections, and one powerful way to do that is to put some extra care into who you decide to work with when designing events.

At Omnience™ we value those connections. Our event planning consultants understand each detailed nuance of building a successful event that speaks to your priorities, personality, and purpose. We want your next event to make a splash with optimized event design, execution, and analysis. Let us help you create exciting, engaging events for your guests that propel your business forward.