Experiential Marketing Summit 2019

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Experiential Marketing Summit 2019

Dynamic Experience Design Meets High-Tech Demos

From content creation to chatbots and communication, experiential marketing refers to every interaction your target audience has with your brand. Each engagement elicits an emotional reaction from your customer, and smart brands take advantage to build strong attachments that lead to loyal relationships.

One of the most exciting conferences of the year focuses on this unique form of marketing, and we have all the highlights for you!

The Experiential Marketing Summit 2019 was held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on May 14th through 16th. Boasted as the “ultimate training conference on experiential marketing,” this event hosted more than 1,800 marketers from around the world. They packed three days with emerging trend predictions, dissections and best practices, curated and taught by some of the top experiential marketing experts from companies like GM, Pepsi and Uber! The program was filled with bestselling authors, strategy chiefs, and design experts in the industry dishing out tips and trends.

If you couldn’t make it to EMS 2019, here is what you missed!

Truly Memorable Details

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Day 2 at #emslive yuzu cheesecake popsicles!

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From tasty yuzu cheesecake popsicles to jaw-dropping exhibits, EMS 2019 made sure every attendee brought home a memory they would share with anyone who would listen. They included lots of trendy details and experiences to capture everyone’s attention, and provided perfect opportunities to share on social media.

Impressive Keynoters

Many attendees looked forward to the eclectic program of keynote speakers, including marketing experts from brands like Mercedes, Facebook, and Zappos. After all, content is king even when it comes to exciting conferences like EMS.

Monique Harrison

During her keynote, Monique Harrison, head of brand experience marketing at Mercedes-Benz USA, focused on making sure experiential marketing is always given its fair share of time, budget, and faith. She discussed the role of risk that is inherent in marketing today, and impressed that customer experiences, even risky ones, must have the faith of company behind them.

Julie Hogan

As director-global face-to-face marketing at Facebook, Julie Hogan shared stories from her childhood and how they influenced her perspective on connection, storytelling, and priorities. She traced it all back to childhood family dinners and understanding now that there were many working cogs behind those seemingly serendipitous meals. As marketers, we are the ones working tirelessly to show our customers how much they mean to us, but, just like Hogan’s Nonna, we strive to make it look effortless.

Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams was a fan favorite of EMS 2019. As head of brand aura marketing at Zappos, he explained how a strong company identity and purpose can streamline customer experience: “Zappos has two things that we say. One is ‘core values over policy’ and the other is ‘culture over everything else.’ You get your culture right, the rest of it just figures itself out.”

A Partner-Focused Solutions Center

The EMS 2019 Solutions Center was a booming and bustling place throughout the summit. There were high-tech demonstrations and lots of dynamic experience design for attendees to participate in just outside of the EMS sessions. The focus was on personalized, modern services and brands that bring solutions to clients.

Unique Braindates And Networking

Braindates in a swanky pool cabana? The EMS 2019 networking programs took advantage of the Las Vegas weather and invited attendees to talk shop poolside. The Braindate Lounge also offered small group or one-on-one opportunities.

They also had a Women in Events Wine & Learn Mixer and a Women in Events Supper Club among other break-out opportunities.

An axe-throwing excursion and trip to high-tech driving range Top Golf also built networking into exciting group experiences.


With thousands of attendees contributing their own personal experiences and brand awareness, the Experiential Marketing Summit of 2019 was another giant leap forward for better understanding customer needs. From talented speakers sharing their knowledge to impressive brands reaching out to build more thoughtful corporate cultures, EMS is a truly spectacular event that we hope inspires the marketing industry. Don’t miss next year’s conference! Save the date: May 11-13, 2020, McCormick Place, Chicago.

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