Event Technology Trends for 2019

event technology trends

Event Technology Trends for 2019

Here’s the latest in event technology trends & how to use it.

When it comes to event technology trends in meetings and events, new tech continues to surprise us. In just a decade we have seen a digital takeover in all aspects of the meeting planning, execution, and analysis procedure. Now we are seeing an even bigger shift in the sands of how we target our attendees, engage them with our information, and ensure we provided value to their experience. It is this meeting technology that we are coming to appreciate not just for its novelty, but for how it can change how our attendees learn and how we approach information dissemination.

National Techies Day was on October 3rd, 2018, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to look at some of the best ways to incorporate event technology trends into corporate meetings. From AI to ROI, the event professionals at Omnience ™ have put together their best techie tips for making the most of your meetings.

Live Results

Perhaps the best technological leap we have seen in recent years is the emphasis on real-time analysis. In years past you were relegated to the answers on post-event surveys, often taken long after attendees’ memories and emotions have mellowed. Now, however, we are seeing more platforms for connecting with attendee experience in a way that allows you to actively address their answers. Real-time response technology and live polling allow you to interact with your attendees in new ways, making both entertainment and education more meaningful and fun.

How To Implement Them:

As opposed to expecting attendees to capture their reactions on surveys filled out after the fact, live responses can let you see what is working as quickly as possible. Ideally, attendees will submit their satisfaction surveys while they are still engaged in the activity, giving you a more honest look at your event and overall attendee experience. This means getting more accurate and timely data to calculate your ROI.

Since industries can be so niche specific, many attendees benefit from hearing each other’s experiences. Using audience polling and live responses allow this to happen on a larger scale, giving all of your attendees the advantage of sharing in the specific concerns and changes in their field.

Gamification is a hot addition to meeting event technology trends, and for good reason. Event planning professionals are embracing the positive effects of adding competitive elements to educational and entertaining aspects of meetings for more engaging events. With real-time answers, speakers and leaders can transform a meeting into a lively game of earning badges, building up points, or providing expertise.

Similarly, when it comes to helping attendees retain new information, live-result communication can be key. Speakers can differentiate their messages depending on the results on live audience polls. Attendees can understand what level of knowledge they are starting and ending at with live quizzes. This meeting technology can actually affect the educational value of your entire event.

Chatbot event technology trends

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Taking advantage of the live-result trend, giving your attendees answers in real time can also be a valuable meeting technology tool. With the rise of chatbots, and their ever-increasing sophistication, we are able to stay in constant contact with attendees, whether they have general questions or need information on specific educational sessions. The basic versions have been around for a while, but as their roles expand so does the buzz around this exciting use of AI because of their implications for more engaging events.

How To Implement Them:

Since chatbots are basically programmed messaging communicators, they make the perfect assistants to answer the most commonly asked questions about your event. A branded chatbot can answer questions about your meetings schedule, speakers, location, times, and more. This can free you and your team to tackle the rest of the event’s planning and execution.

Smart chatbots are even able to personalize messages and provide push notifications for a personalized attendee experience. From providing updated changes in presentation times too detailed directions to room switches, a chatbot can make sure your attendees get all the information.

Just imagine having enough assistants to register hundreds of attendees at once. Chatbots can gather the necessary information from attendees and streamline the registration process for everyone.

Businessman analyzing graph on laptop

Optimized Data Dashboard

With meeting technology come the various platforms, and it seems that each platform has its own dashboard for data. From event management software and marketing systems to email campaigns, registration systems, attendance tracking, and post-event surveys, each tool comes with its own pile of data for you to sift through, analyze, and implement. Using an optimized data dashboard, like Ontrac ™, consolidates relevant data and extracts actionable KPIs to inform your planning.

How To Implement It:

By using real-time technology and chatbots to gather information from attendees, you have a goldmine of data—but you have to analyze it first. Integrating your software with Ontrac ™ throughout your event will allow you to react to feedback even more quickly, pivoting where necessary.

After the event, get a 360-degree view of your attendees’ experiences by bringing together the disparate technology tools you used throughout the planning and executing process. Using predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms, Ontrac’s engagement metrics allow event owners to get the most out of their investments. Trend analysis capabilities in Ontrac ™ will build a useful picture of the event’s effectiveness based on the full range of data points you have available.


Meeting technology has come a long way, and event professionals now get to revel in the possibilities they afford us. From more effective educational sessions to more efficient methods of updating meeting attendees, corporate and meeting planning technology is developing new and exciting roads to explore. Contact the professional event consultants at Omnience™ for more information on integrating the newest event technology trends into your next event.