Event Planning Tips and Ideas from 2018

event planning ideas and tips from 2018

Event Planning Tips and Ideas from 2018

Our Favorite Tips for Corporate Meetings and Events Planners

As 2018 draws to a close, we are all looking back at our professional growth over the year. The event industry moves quickly, and taking stock of how we have overcome obstacles, practiced self-care, and solidified our footing in one of the most stressful professions can provide the perfect foundation for a new year of even more changes.

This year has seen great shifts in the corporate meeting and events niche, including embracing technology like never before and giving new meaning to thinking Green. To get ahead in 2019, Omnience ™ event professionals are looking back at our best tips over the year. Here are our favorite blog posts and topics from 2018, so you can get a jump on the year in front of us.

Get Ahead of the Game: 2019 Event Trends

Looking into 2019 inspired us to gather all of the trends coming at us next year. In this blog we tackle some of the top trends you should be injecting in your events, and some tips for staying relevant in this industry built on change. We cover everything from seamless tech integration to how to design an event that attendees will clamor to share online.

The Takeaway:

The future of event planning all about creating memorable events with strategies that are hyper-focused on your attendees’ wants, needs, and expectations.

Event Technology Trends of 2019

event technology trends of 2019

Incorporating tech into your corporate meetings and events isn’t a novelty anymore, but rather a necessity to keep up with attendees’ expectations. We dug into the tech trends that hold the most promise for event professionals and even let you in on how to implement them efficiently. In 2019 chatbots will rise to the occasion and take on the brunt of your messaging communication, while live results will engage attendees. Utilizing an optimized data dashboard like Ontrac ™ could revolutionize how you see event data, forever altering the way your numbers influence your event planning.

The Takeaway:

Lean into technology that can save you time and streamline your attendees’ experience, as well as inform your future decisions.

Fall Event Trends

BizBash Live gave us lots of innovative ideas to consider for the fall and beyond. Their epic event showcased thoughtful design that focused on attendee immersion, teaching us all how to build a truly share-worthy experience. From over-the-top photo ops to exciting entertainment, BizBash Live pumped up the expectations for what is coming to the event scene. We learned how the influencer set can bring a new dimension to brand identity, as long as you follow some guidelines for communication.

The Takeaway:

Anticipate audience needs and aim to blow their expectations out of the water in every way—from social media interaction to event experience.

Small Carbon Footprint, Big Event Plans

green event design

Everything from the onsite signage you choose to the collateral you provide can affect your event’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. Each decision you make is an opportunity to reduce or offset your carbon footprint and support a healthy environment. This year event professionals everywhere embraced their unique platform for influencing Green event design, and this has created some creative ways to shrink your environmental impact.

Seasoned event professionals are taking cues from their attendee demographics and preferences for guidance. While biting off too much can simply cause confusion and chaos, choosing the biggest offenders thoughtfully will maximize your effectiveness.

The Takeaway:

Knowing your attendees will help you understand where you can implement Green measures for the best possible combination of comfort and sustainability.

Planning Events with Pink Power: Incorporating Charities Into Events During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

charitable giving at events breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a time for Omnience ™ event professionals to seek out meaningful ways of giving back to those organizations we want to support. We recognize our potential for bringing awareness to charities, and we came up with some inspiring tips for all event planners to implement. During event planning, consider the organization you want to work with and who you want to help. Determining what kind of experience to bring attendees is all about knowing what will make the most impact for them. Of course, one of our favorite ideas is hearing from survivors themselves; women who have survived breast cancer make incredible speakers and can bring an enormous sense of intimacy to the event.

The Takeaway:

Working with a charitable organization can require research, but it can blossom into a fruitful partnership for you both through furthered awareness of their mission and deeply meaningful experiences for your attendees.


Armed with these tips your 2019 will be bright! Contact the event professionals at Omnience ™ for more information and guidance to planning engaging, exciting corporate meetings and events.