Event Planning Has Our Hearts

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Event Planning Has Our Hearts

5 of the Many Reasons We Love Being Part of the Event Industry

The events industry isn’t for everyone. Each member of the Omnience team has had their fair share of all-nighters before events, double checking every detail. We have spent hours making changes (and even more changes) for clients so that they can walk into the event they envisioned. From curating personalized menus and negotiating with vendors, to putting out fires (some literal, some figurative), the Omnience event planning crew based in Atlanta has shown their dedication to event design and execution through tireless work.

And we wouldn’t change a thing.

This industry calls each of us, and we feel it in our hearts and souls. We fell in love with the job, the exhilaration, and most of all the people. Why do we pour our time and energy into event management? Here are just five of the many reasons why we love event planning.

Expressing Creativity

There is no doubt that we get to flex our creative muscles as event planners. Not only do we get to transform spaces with immersive event design, but we also get to use the latest technology to bring those events to life. Few feelings are as satisfying as envisioning an event and seeing it unfold before your eyes.

Building A Network

The event industry is filled with hard working professionals who know the value of connections. Vendors, suppliers, venue managers, sponsors, journalists, and fellow event planners come together to create a strong network for Omnience events. Since the nature of the events industry leans on dependability, we know that we can call on members of our community when we need them. When a vendor backs out at the last minute or we have an exciting event we want to spread the word about, we have a network of connections in our back pocket.

No Two Days Are Ever The Same

Event planning is not for the weak of heart or easily flustered. Each day brings a new challenge to conquer, a new obstacle to climb. Whether it is battling high winds and a sand storm at your beach event, or talking down an attendee after a registration snafu, event planners know how to extinguish an emergency without breaking a sweat.

Since we are usually planning months in advance, our summer days are filled with wintery event design and alternative plans in case of snow. One day you might look up circus acts in your area, and the next you could be on a plane to another continent. Adventure is out there, and it will take an event planner to find it.

The Sky’s The Limit

As far as education and certification goes, the event planning industry offers support and opportunity unheard of in other careers. Perhaps it is the unique blend of personality traits required to pull off events, or the varying skills necessary to handle whatever comes at you, but event planning education comes in every flavor and style.

The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification, for example, is a highly-esteemed marker in the events industry. It represents a standard of excellence in the meeting, event, and convention industry. These certifications delve into the business behind planning, executing, and analyzing an event that will promote industry standards, reach key performance goals, and increase the value of the event. They package leadership tools and business acumen into a useful, applicable certification that shows dedication, hard work, and passion for the industry. Many of the Omnience professionals hold their CMP, and we are proud of the standard of service it represents.

By nature event planners are fascinated by the inner workings of events and are always open to the most efficient methods of planning and executing events, so the open invitation to extend our education is a wonderful aspect of our industry.

Making Dreams Come True

Few careers get to directly impact the amount of people and businesses that we do, and we take that responsibility seriously. When we begin a consultation with a client, we want to get to the core of what they want to accomplish. Are they creating an incentive program for standout employees? Are they promoting their business after years of hard work dedicated to its product?

Events bring people together, and we have the chance to make it a special experience. Whether it is a citywide event for thousands or a team-building trip for an office, the smiles and appreciative gestures fill us with satisfaction for a job well done.


The event professionals at Omnience have a true calling to work in this industry. It is that passion that makes its mark on each and every event we touch. Contact us for a consultation and we can put that fire and experience to work for your next meeting, event, or conference.