Think Past The Hashtag

Think Past the Hashtag Social Media Tips

Think Past The Hashtag

Using Social Media to Bring Your Event to Life

Incorporating social media into your event marketing strategies, guest interaction, and post-event feedback can no longer be seen as just a fad—its powers are here to stay. Once seen as the platforms strictly for teens, apps like Instagram are becoming more popular with the same demographics you want at your meetings and events. As of this year, 33% of Instagram users were between the ages of 30 to 49. Users over the age of 25 spend an average of 24 minutes on Instagram every day.

What does this mean to your event and corporate meeting planning efforts? The ubiquitous use of social media makes it easy for you to create interactive events that truly speak to attendees. Here are our favorite ways to incorporate social media into events.

Use Geofencing to Capture It All

Sure, hashtags are an easy way to track your attendees’ experience at your event, but only if they use them. Many guests might misspell your hashtag, use an unofficial version, or forget to use it all together. This means you miss out on lots of valuable data. Geofencing can draw a perimeter around your event location and help you catch all of the social media updates coming out of your event. You will be able to react to your guests faster and smarter, which is an important part of event analysis. No more lost posts!

Think Past the Hashtag

Give Them Time and a Place to Engage

At last year’s Miami Open, Lacoste decided to bring some guest-centered fun to the tournament, and it paid off big in their Instagram engagement. They set up a ping-pong and croquet for guests to play on a mini sand-filled “beach” right next to the man courts. They provided Riviera-style beach chairs and umbrellas for guests to relax right in the middle of the event. Best of all, they had the “selfie croc” there, a prop of their iconic Lacoste crocodile, and versions of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. This brought them a 25% increase in engagement on social media, mainly Instagram, which was filled with selfies of happy croc-loving guests.

Take Opinions Live

What better way to know what your audience thinks than to simply ask? With Facebook and Twitter offering polls now, you can ask attendees to answer questions about their experiences and get live results. This can help take a snapshot of what areas are popular, and might even convince attendees to visit areas they might not have otherwise.

Think Past the Hashtag Food Props

Plan with Engagement in Mind

With the popularity of exhibits dedicated to providing gorgeous social media photos, such as the Museum of Selfies, we have learned a lot about what makes a spot share-worthy. The Selfie Museum provides guests with plenty of lighting—none of the dim mood lighting—so that anyone can snap away and get a beautiful shot that they will want to share and tag. Props are always popular, and they make a great addition to an otherwise empty space or waiting area. Large-scale vignettes with clever branding entice more people to stop and take a shot.

Build Digital Work Communities

When you are planning a large corporate event, thinking about how to give each attendee a meaningful, personalized experience can be overwhelming. How about handing it over to them? The director for attendee engagement for Social Media Marketing World did just that. Using a communication platform Slack, he helped attendees create and join teams tailored to their own needs. Whether they chose to join a group based on industry, job title, location, or whatever else they came up with, they felt connected in a meaningful way to other guests. And that is a powerful result.

Create Some Mystery

No need for a secret knock; now guests can offer a Tweet to unlock mysterious doors at your event. French cognac brand Martell took the appeal of a hidden hideaway and added a modern twist at their 300th anniversary event. When guests came to the closed door of a draped area at the event, they met a large sign that told them “Tweet to Enter.” Inside they were treated to a unique hidden bar with its own entertainment. Word got out, and nearly half of the 200 guests tried out the hideaway by the end of the night.

Give Guests a Transformation

Snapchat is quickly climbing the ranks of social media platforms, so appealing to this playful photo-sharing app is a smart idea. Companies like Eventstag can help you turn your guests into whatever you want them to be. All you have to do is decide on a design and they can create an interactive snapmask for your guests to use.

Think Past the Hashtag

Make It a Game

Social Media Marketing World also took advantage of a classic game of bingo to help attendees break the ice and connect with each other. They gathered Twitter handles of other guests who fit the criteria in each box, making mingling more spirited and ensuring guests left with at least a handful of new connections. The completed cards were entered into a drawing for prizes, such as tickets to next year’s conference.

Incorporating social media into your event marketing to amplify the experience for your attendees, making them feel connected and valued. At Omnience™, we create thoughtful event strategy and design tailored to your guests’ needs. If you are ready to start planning your event and designing your program and content, contact Omnience™  to optimize your event value.