Instagrammable Event Dessert Trends in 2018

Instagrammable Event Dessert Trends in 2018

Instagrammable Event Dessert Trends in 2018

Engaging Event Design Through Trendy Sweets

Sweets can have a magical effect on an event, especially if they are a thoughtful part of the event design. A memorable dessert is often the pièce de résistance of any gathering, lingering in attendees’ minds long after they have finished. We have seen more meetings and events embrace event dessert trends in recent years, and for good reason; thoughtfully including an Instagram-worthy dessert can almost effortlessly create more engaging events.

At Omnience™ we love a sweet treat at a corporate event, employee mixer, or company meeting. For National Ice Cream Day, we are giving you some ideas for incorporating 2018’s hottest event dessert trends into your meetings and events. From worldly flavors to exciting dessert stations, there is something here to perk up any event.

Seasonal Fruits

Event planning consultants know that designing health-conscious events is a trend that is here to stay, and more event goers are looking for bright, fresh desserts that are made from seasonal fruit. There are delicious options in all seasons, from strawberry shortcakes in summer to caramelized oranges with cardamom in winter.

Instagrammable Event Dessert Trends in 2018 Fruit Cakes

Miniature Everything

Everything from macarons to truffles to pies are being tinified—and guests love it! Since many guests are watching their sugar intake, offering tiny desserts gives them a way to try a little bit of a few offerings. Incorporate event design, a dessert table filled with tiny options is also a great way to invite conversation between guests as they inevitably taste and compare.

Instagrammable Event Dessert Trends in 2018


Just because your attendees won’t be able to sit back and kick up their feet doesn’t mean they have to skip dessert entirely. This year event planning consultants are embracing busy schedules and offering desserts in convenient to-go forms. Thinking ahead with this in mind means nothing sticky, drippy, or messy. Setting up in a convenient buffet or concession style is smart corporate event planning.

Edible Flowers

Beautiful, fresh, and decidedly elevated, adding edible flowers such as lavender, hibiscus, and borage blossoms can give your dessert table a whimsical touch. Simple cookies covered in edible flowers have been popping up everywhere, as have floral popsicles. As far as dessert trends go, this one is especially lovely as it doubles as decor!

Instagrammable Event Dessert Trends in 2018 Cotton Candy

Retro Sweets

Old-school childhood favorites in sophisticated flavor combinations are hugely popular right now. Think mocha cotton candy, rosé gummy bears, or artisanal candy bars. Breaking out of the usual snacks for corporate event planning can invigorate attendees between meetings.

Instagrammable Event Dessert Trends in 2018

Matcha Flavors

Matcha is made from finely ground specialty green tea leaves and you can find it everywhere right now. Everything from cake to milkshakes are getting a little matcha treatment. Its bright green color and sweet, earthy flavor add interest to any dessert spread.

Instagrammable Event Dessert Trends in 2018 Ice Cream

Soft Serve

Forget chocolate and vanilla swirl, soft serve in 2018 is funky and fresh. Christina Tosi, dessert trend forecaster and owner of the dessert restaurant Milk Bar, cites soft serve continues to grow into new and fun flavor profiles. Black sesame and purple ube are growing in popularity, as are the oh so photogenic activated charcoal waffle cones they are often served in.

Boutique Donuts

Yes, donuts were “in” a few years ago, and then promptly “out” again, but this time the classic donut is getting kicked up a few notches. Unique fillings inspired by worldly flavors are getting all the attention, like pear with cardamom or green tea matcha with fresh strawberry. Treating your guests to a doughnut bar is a seriously lovely delight and one of our most beloved food bars.  

Filled Croissants

Something was happening. Something big. Christina Tosi also predicts we will see a lot more laminated dough, like what is used in croissants and danishes. Of course, if you can sense a theme with 2018 trends you will know that these won’t be your regular croissants; filled with matcha cream or flavored like a red velvet cake, these pastries will be show stoppers. Try something new, have a one-of-a-kind experience for your guest and capture a photo to share it with others.

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Perfect for an interactive dessert station, Thai rolled ice cream is made by pouring liquid ice cream onto a cold slate, which freezes it. Then it is scraped and rolled by hand into its signature shape. Since becoming a worldwide trend, it has been offered with lots of toppings and flavors to suit everyone’s tastes. Smart event design aims to excite with memorable events and exciting new flavors, and this sweet dessert trend definitely does that!

Worldly flavors are having a moment right now, and adding some experimental sweets to your event menu can take advantage of their popularity. Knowing what’s hot, is just one aspect of what we do at Omnience™, and we understand the power of leveraging trends to create impactful events. For more help planning your event around memorable experiences and thoughtful event design, contact us for consultation.