Creative Event Desserts & Trends

Creative Event Desserts & Trends

Event Desserts and Experiences are the New Standard

The event landscape is changing, and planners are taking notice. We are officially in charge of not just planning events, but curating experiences that will ignite attendees’ imaginations. This extends to every facet of the event, including desserts.

Everyone likes a sweet treat in the midst of a busy conference, meeting, or event, so why not make it a focus? By putting some thoughtful detail into how your desserts can be more than just a snack, you can add another layer of joy and surprise to your event. Here are our ideas for turning your event desserts into memorable experiences.

Local Flair for Desserts

Desserts are a perfect way to pull in some of the local history and produce of your event location. Invite local small businesses or farmers to discuss an ingredient or dish’s significance to the area. Bring in lemon trees so attendees can experience the area’s famous lemon bars with all their senses. Hold discussions with beekeepers while attendees snack on local honey cakes. When you show attendees the dessert’s roots, it will be that much sweeter.

Cookie Clues

What is endlessly customizable, easy to distribute, and also delicious? As an event planner, cookies could be your best friend. They are easier to tailor to dietary restrictions than many other desserts, and they could be the best medium to distribute information you will ever find. Divide attendees up for networking, break-out sessions, or activity teams by using different colors or flavors of cookies. Print secret passwords to pop-up events or the event’s hashtag on them—just make sure you are ok with the information disappearing!

Boozy Desserts

Alcoholic desserts

For evening events, adding a little alcohol to your dessert table can be a fun twist. Use special flavor injectors to let attendees pop a bit of liquor into their cupcakes. Offering the flavors up separately even gives them a chance to mix and match for their tastes.

Sweet Grazing Dessert Tables

As the obvious evolution of the charcuterie grazing table, the sweet version is like an especially decadent dessert bar. Piles and stacks of baked treats, candies, fruits, and cakes mingle together waiting for attendees to find them.

DIY Midnight Snack Lounge

Instead of offering premade favor bags, let your guests do the choosing. Provide an assortment of sweet treats for them to pack away with them. This allows them to choose only what they want and skip over what they don’t, creating less waste and giving them a more personalized experience.


Taking the time to create meaningful experiences out of something as simple as dessert is what sets apart memorable events. Adding some whimsy and surprise is always something attendees will remember, and it will build a strong bond to your brand. Let us help you design experiences that your attendees will remember long after the dessert is gone.