Supporting Future Leaders

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Supporting Future Leaders

Corporate Social Leadership Ideas Inspired By Girl Scouts Day

Today’s industry leaders are seeing the importance in reaching out to communities—whether local or across the globe. Corporate social responsibility extends to youth leadership support, helping the upcoming generations of leaders access the mentorship and resources they need to find success. Since March 12 every year is Girl Scouts Day, this is an opportune time to focus on lifting up young people and investing in their potential.

Celebrating Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Day takes place on the anniversary of when Juliette Gordon Lowe organized the very first Girl Guides of America meeting in 1912. Her goal was to create a space for girls to participate in enrichment activities, service projects, and outdoor adventures—not the norm for girls in the early 20th century.

Today there are 1.7 million members of the Girl Scouts who work to fulfill their slogan: “Do a good turn daily.” What better way to celebrate Girl Scout Day than by planning a corporate social responsibility program around uplifting the future leaders of tomorrow?

Ideas for Investing in Future Leaders

Social programs for developing future generations can come in various packages, from direct mentorship, research, community service activities, and positive corporate environment changes. No matter the size of your business or industry, you can show your business’s social leadership through supporting youth.


A classic approach to inspiring young leaders is by developing mentorship programs to create direct lines between the youth who need support and successful industry professionals. When you are developing a mentorship program, consider some basic factors:

  • What is the desired end goal of the program?
  • How long will it last? (Will this be a single day of shadowing, or a long-term program?)
  • Who is your intended audience? (are you open to high school students, college students, or post-college young professionals?)
  • What will you use to match mentors with mentees?
  • How will you guide your mentors?
  • How will you measure the program’s success?

Create Answers To Problems Within Your Space

When PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) saw a noticeable gap in financial literacy education, they set out to create resources for educators to give their students this important skill set. Their Earn Your Future financial literacy resources support parents and teachers, arming kids and teens with knowledge about budgeting, financial responsibility, and money planning.

Taking on a problem at the root level can help generations of future leaders flourish where they may not have. Programs aimed at the roots of success are perfect ways of showing that your company is invested in creating a lasting footprint.

Take It To The C-Suite

Though all employees have vital knowledge and experience to add to any youth leadership support program, more C-level executives are getting involved and it can make a big impact. When other employees see that everyone is participating, all the way up to the top, it drives home the message that supporting youth leadership is an important part of the corporate culture. When it comes to social responsibility, it is imperative to be genuine in mission and transparent in action, and making sure everyone is involved is the best way to accomplish that.

Build Your Community

If you want a hands-on experience to inspire your employees, showcase your company’s mission, and make a tangible difference, develop a program of activities for your next team-building outing or conference.

Asking employees to get personal with an obstacle young people face can have a powerful impact. There are many ways to engage in these experiences at any size event:

  • Work with a local Boys and Girls Club to provide resources or transform their space so attending youth can feel secure.
  • Partner with a local school to beautify the campus.
  • Create a charitable giving event for an organization that supports youth education or advocacy.
  • Contact local soup kitchens or shelters to prepare donations or volunteer time.

Develop Diversity

To truly impact how future leaders can build your industry to greater heights, ensure you are making room for them all at the table. Design, implement, and prioritize programs to promote diversity from within your company. Changing the corporate climate today will open doors for the talent of the future.


Corporate social responsibility is no trend; customers and employees alike look to how a company impacts the world around them to construct their own opinions of its place in society. Creating specific, thoughtful social programs that uplift young people and remove obstacles between them and success can reinforce core values. The event professionals at Omnience find joy in helping companies develop activities and events that center on team building, community involvement, and informative education. Let’s collaborate on an event that will align your corporate goals with your values by supporting the next generation of young leaders.