Corporate Events: Planning That Meets Marketing Goals

corporate event planning marketing goals

Corporate Events: Planning That Meets Marketing Goals

How To Align Your Portfolio of Events

Streamlining Your Event Plans To Meet Your Marketing Goals and Objectives

Too often, company leaders see event goals as separate from their independent marketing and business goals. Planning Corporate Events can take on lives of their own, complete with their own goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). However, this is a mistake that can undermine your company’s brand and performance. Understanding how to align your events with your business and marketing goals can help provide a solid foundation for your business across its entire reach.

When your marketing goals and event strategy aren’t in harmony, you could water down your branding and give attendees an experience that falls flat.

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Here we have gathered some ideas to keep in mind when you are building your portfolio of events to ensure you meet all of your goals—and keep everyone in all divisions of your company happy.

First, What Are Your Goals?

Different companies need different goals, and understanding these are key to developing KPIs. Each event in your portfolio should work toward the same family of goals, creating a well-rounded experience for your attendees.

  • What is the ideal result of this event?

Whether your goal is brand awareness or industry education, develop a deep understanding of the purpose of the event.

  • What overall message do you want to send to attendees?

Your attendees might leave with a refreshed understanding of a facet of their jobs, or they may have a better understanding of how your company can help them solve their problems. Zero in on a specific takeaway your envision attendees gaining from your conference or tradeshow.

  • What will be the best way to measure your success?

Plan ahead with what metrics you will use to measure your success, and determine what you will consider a success. Consider what attendance rates, social media presence, and attendee surveys will be your KIPs—and then plan to hit them!

Know Your Audience And Talk To Them

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This may seem obvious, but many companies often forget what it means to personalize marketing and corporate events in 2019. Ensure that your events are speaking to the same audience that your business goals do through targeted event programs.

Sometimes corporate event planning can seem to take on a life of its own, but it is crucial to stay loyal to the audience your business will most benefit from attracting. Develop an example persona specifically for each event to track a diverse section of your ideal business customer. This will help you develop a list of event programs, speakers, and opportunities that speak directly to the customers you want to see gain awareness of your brand.

Keep Branding And Messaging Consistent

Your company’s branding should run deep, right to the core of who you are and who you work for, don’t throw it out the window while planning your corporate events.

Take this opportunity to reinforce what you stand for as a company, which should organically support your business goals. Of course, a trade show may feel different from a conference, but your brand should always lend the same flavor. Giving your event attendees the experience they expect from your company will ensure they have a satisfying journey.


When your events are aligned with your goals, and you have a plan to measure your success, event planning will become a more streamlined process. Contact us for more help aligning your portfolio of events with your goals for marketing.