Events at Aquariums: Party With Pufferfish

Events at Aquariums: Party With Pufferfish

Why We Love Aquariums for Corporate Event Venues

When you are looking for a magical event venue, it can be tough to find something in the usual categories of hotels, restaurants, or event halls. Why not think outside the usual and bring your attendees to a beautiful aquarium for an unforgettable time?

Unique event venues are gaining popularity for corporate events, and events at aquariums are one of our favorite options for bringing some wonder into your event design for lots of reasons:

Incredible photo ops

From floor-to-ceiling shark tanks to art installations, modern aquariums are outfitted with lots of beautiful backgrounds for truly unique event photos.

Exclusive tours and after-hours viewing

Many aquariums offer tours tailored to your interests or event theme just for your attendees. Guests will love strolling the exhibits free of the usual crowds.

A built-in theme

When you can’t decide on an event theme, an aquarium event venue does it for you!

Magical atmosphere

With colorful fish, sleek sharks, and striking creatures in every direction, the visual effect is simply magical. Something about sea life opens up the childlike wonder in all of us, which is an emotional connection you definitely want related to your company.

Storytelling at its best

Stories under the sea abound with creativity, strength, and cunning; from developing symbiotic relationships to embracing the colorful designs that keep them safe, you can find a metaphor for your event message that will help it come to life.

There are many incredible aquariums around the world that offer beautiful event venues, and here we are offering a look at some of our favorites here in North America.

Shedd Aquarium

Chicago, Illinois

Sip cocktails among dolphins and whales, then enjoy skyline views from their spectacular terrace! Shedd Aquarium is the world’s largest indoor aquarium, so it can host private events of almost any size.

Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta, Georgia

Our hometown aquarium knows how to make a meeting into something truly extraordinary. They offer incredible event spaces that showcase their sealife for attendees to enjoy throughout the event. They also partner with Wolfgang Puck Catering for all-inclusive services.

New England Aquarium

Boston, Massachusetts

Views of Boston’s historic harbor and skyline make this a truly memorable corporate event venue. Dine with penguins, sharks, or sea turtles, and then check out the newly renovated Giant Ocean Tank with nearly 2,000 animals to view.

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver, British Columbia

A mesmerizing jellyfish exhibit makes this a beautifully designed aquarium for corporate events. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, live backdrops, and expansive galleries that can accommodate up to 2,000 people.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach, California

This impressive aquarium specializes in events, offering personalized event options like BBQ picnics and formal dining menus. Their indoor and outdoor event spaces, along with the new state-of-the-art Pacific Visions wing, the Aquarium of the Pacific is a beautiful option.


Modern corporate event design means looking outside the usual and opting for something with more magic, interaction, and emotional connection. We love finding unique venues that reflect the message, theme, and purpose for maximizing attendee experience, and aquariums are a favorite option. If you are interested in opening your next event up to an exciting new location, contact us for a consultation.