Appreciate Your Event Administrators

Appreciate Your Event-Administrators Omnience Events Making Necessary Notes

Appreciate Your Event Administrators

Make Every Day National Administrative Appreciation Day!

A successful event is nothing but thousands of details perfectly aligned to give guests a carefree experience. Behind all those details are the event administrators who handle each scheduling conflict, budgetary choice, and registration hiccup. This year, April 25 is National Administrative Professionals Day, giving everyone in the events industry a chance to appreciate the nimble thinking and comprehensive organization of our event administrators. While thoughtful gestures for the holiday will be appreciated, there is more you can do to help your administrators.

Admins often work behind the scenes in meeting and event planning, but their contributions lay the foundation for the coordination. The administrative processes they complete make all the dazzle and excitement of the big event possible. Here are some ways you can support your administrators all year.

Create a Mentoring Program

Planning and supporting events from the administrative side includes handling processes carefully—and balancing them perfectly. Many of these skills only come with experience, and who is better to teach your newer administrators how to successfully juggle the job than a seasoned professional? Creating a mentoring program shows that you care about company culture and the relationships they are building.

Offer Training and Opportunities

Providing entrance to professional association conferences for administrators can go a long way to boosting morale and improving your entire event team’s functions. Show your team that each member is vital by not only helping them improve their administrative functions, but also by seeking out those who want to stretch their job titles. If any of your administrators shows an interest in diversifying his/her role or taking on leadership responsibilities, give them the opportunity to let their talents shine. Regularly taking inventory of your administrative team members’ goals and offering cross-training will ensure they are using all of their abilities to help your events shine.

Post Public Appreciation

Many positions in event and meeting planning are met with rounds of “thank you” and the excitement of seeing an event in action. Administrators may not get to be at each event that they work to produce, resulting in an absence of that appreciation that is so satisfying. Simple actions like posting specific positive feedback on social media or office communication can show administrators that they are also an integral part of the event planning team.

Successful event planning requires skillful administrative work done with precision, and when it is done well, event guests won’t even notice it at all. This level of administrative work is the invisible backbone of the event industry.

Omnience understands this planning process and offers services for event management excellence that all of your employees will appreciate. Contact us today to see how our consulting services can support your next event.