Tapping Into 2019 Event Design Trends for The New Year

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Tapping Into 2019 Event Design Trends for The New Year

Tech and Decor Come Together in 2019

New year, new event design trends! 2019 Event Design Trends blend technology and decor in a big way. Whether you are planning corporate meetings for executives or team building activities to bring employees together, your event’s decor and design can affect attendees’ perceptions. Staying on top of event design trends is important for everyone in the event industry, since outdated or out of place elements can really put a damper on an event’s success. Event design isn’t just about decor, but about shaping attendees’ attention, comfort, impressions, and experience. Each design decision should work toward a goal, whether that is directing a crowd’s attention to a specific theme or increasing brand awareness.

The event professionals at Omnience™ saw lots of impressive and exciting event design trends last year, and event design trends 2019 will embrace even more technology and innovation.

  • Augmented reality that builds event buzz and establishes a theme.
  • Seating arrangements that mix traditional and modern seating to solve venue limitations.
  • Custom printing on new textiles.
  • The most convenient solutions to helping event guests keep their devices charged (so they can keep sharing your event!).
  • Thoughtful stage design that evolves with your event.

Augmented Reality Invitations

AR is popping up at events in new and unexpected ways, but our favorite way to incorporate this trend is on the invitations to the event. With some technology magic, your event invitees can watch your event come to life. This gives you a chance to spark their interest and push your theme to create the ultimate event buzz.

Check out this invitation for Orlando Economic Partnership’s gala, which held an unexpected surprise. Developed by Echo Interaction Group, a little tech goes a long way in creating excitement.

Creative Seating Solutions

Whether you are at an untraditional event venue or want to transform a ballroom into a multipurpose event space, using creative seating solutions is a design trend we are loving for lots of reasons.

Event seating is for more than parking a crowd; it can affect the look and feel of your event, and can show attendees where to direct their attention. We love that events are breaking the traditional rules and using interesting combinations like lounge seating and cocktail tables to make sure everyone is comfortable.

event design trends seating options
Photo Credit: 1540 Productions

Custom-Printed Draping, Lighting Enhancements & Dance Floors

It doesn’t get more personalized than custom printed decor elements to incorporate your event’s theme, brand or messaging into your venue. Immersive event design is everywhere, and now using draping can add texture and interest where it wasn’t possible before. Now you can have any scene or graphic printed on your draping, letting you completely transform a space. Engage! Luxury Wedding Business Summits made their space into a magical wintery scene with custom digital printed drapery by Swag Decor: A Rose Brand Company.

event design trends digital printed drapery
Photo credit: Swag Decor for Engage! Luxury Wedding Business Summits in Banff Canada

Custom printing can even bring branding to new heights with careful and thoughtful attention to design, like enhancing your lighting fixtures at your venue. These stunning examples of digitally printed lamp drum shades transform the event space.

event design trends light fixtures with digitally printed lamp shades
Photo credit: Swag Decor for Anna Lucia Events
event design trends lighting with branding
Photo credit: Swag Decor for Salt Harbor Designs

Going overboard on logos is never a good idea, but some beautiful brand graphics in the right places can be memorable and effective.

Furniture with Power

Everyone knows that long days at events can be draining on your phones, laptops, and tablets. While there are lots of events that incorporate charging stations, this year we will be seeing events take it a step further. By using furniture that offers charging capabilities for lots of different devices right in the design, your event guests can stay where the action is and never miss a beat of your event experiences.

event design trends omnience tech bench
Photo Credit: include_hr

Evolving Stage Design

If there is one place all of your event attendees will be paying attention to, it is the stage. Gone are the days of speakers standing at podiums and doling out their information; event design trends have extended to stage design, and there are lots of options no matter your budget. Simple lighting can have a dramatic effect on the mood of a stage area. Intriguing backgrounds or on-stage furniture can also give attendees a clue about the speaker’s personality and topic.

event design trends omnience 3d mapping
Photo Credit: xite_labs

The technology of 3D projection mapping isn’t as expensive as it once was, and it can completely change your stage into whatever you want. Like this dynamic display at the Gaylord Texan by our friends at New Sense Productions.

Gaylord SummerFest Teaser from New-Sense Productions on Vimeo.

Video mapping can create an new world in your venue and it can really convey your event’s message in a dazzling and surprising way.


Modern event professionals know that event design trends come and go quickly, but we are seeing a strong tie to technology that isn’t going anywhere. We are seeing event decor and design centered on giving guests new and surprising experiences with lots of room for personalization. Let us know your event guests’ needs and we can help you optimize your event design.