Event Trends You Need For Fall

fall Event Trends You Need For Fall

Event Trends You Need For Fall

How to incorporate the latest Fall event trends to make your meetings stand out

BizBash LIVE took place in Los Angeles on Wednesday, July 18, but already we can see this event helped event professionals get inspired for Fall. As a proud BizBash supporter, we love seeing what the event comes up with each year, and we enjoy learning from it. Here are our top 3 Fall event trends we’ve spotted, as well as some awesome ideas you can incorporate into your next event.

The bigger, the better

Live experiences are increasingly changing the ways brands identify themselves to their audiences, and they are only getting bigger. Event attendees want an immersive brand experience that communicates their identity and the solution they provide—which comes in the form of big, bold events.

Tips for better event experiences:

  • Focus on stunning moments that go beyond expectations. You don’t have to overload your event with constant novelties, but provide a few carefully selected moments that will wow your audience.
  • Embrace your business’s personality and invite your audience in on the fun. Celebrate what makes your business unique by pumping it up into an over-the-top statement. If you are all about homegrown support, pledge to use products made in America as much as possible.
  • Memorable experiences are worth their slice of the budget. Sometimes it can be hard allocating part of our budget to seemingly extraneous costs, but creating memorable experiences often doesn’t make fiscal sense. As long as you are choosing targeted moments that attendees will remember, the cost will be worth it when you see loyal, invested customers.

A creative welcome from #BizbashLA made for an extremely memorable moment and went viral among attendees online

Social media isn’t dying down anytime soon

If you think your social media presence is simply marketing for your event, you are missing out on key opportunities to build your brand’s identity. Everyone is on social media now. New platforms emerge every day, and their steady hold on your target audience won’t be letting go. When you think past the hashtag, you can build a social media machine that covers sponsorship, customer service, and true engagement.

Alex Plaxen, President and Founder of Little Bird Told Media, was at BizBash LA to talk social strategy. He covered everything from the newest platforms and Fall event trends to the best practices your brand should adopt to stay on top of your social media presence.

Influencers and social media

Influencer marketing is a phenomenon that offers everything you could want through powerful and meaningful audience interaction. Omnience™ loves seeing our brands utilize influencers to engage audiences and build their identities, but we know the detailed work that goes into creating strong relationships. We advise clear communication and accountability, so that everyone benefits from the collaboration.

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Event planners who attended #BizBashLA acted as the best influencers to amplify the amazing moments, such as the backdrops throughout the event that served as great selfie spots. This is one @crystalrobbie snapped and shared on Instagram

Innovation and design go hand in hand

With so much in the event professional’s scope of responsibility, creative problem solving is a key trait that will never go unused. Innovation and design will always be interwoven elements of event planning and execution, as they must work together to provide solutions that work for your event, your client, and your audience.

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Event professionals displayed innovative designs and services on the #BizBashLA exhibit floor, creating an immersive and cutting-edge event environment with new decor. Exciting entertainers are crucial in creating a memorable experience for attendees, like these mirror mania strolling entertainers from @champagnecreativegroup


Building a successful event means integrating thoughtful design that thinks about the audience first. Everything from the website, education, schedule, hands-on activities, and signage should always be considered when crafting the audience experience. Designing creative solutions is part of the process and here at Omnience™. We’ve learned that holistic attendee experience relies on innovative event design that anticipates audience needs—before they know they have them.

We hope these Fall event trends give you the inspiration you need to create memorable events for the coming season. If you need advice on how to do just that, then let’s schedule a call and get started!