The Omnience management team has set high standards for the content of this blog. The posts won’t be chit-chat. We expect every post to deliver value to CMOs, marketing managers, and event professionals. We want to help you maximize the potential of a key component of your marketing budget: marketing events that generate leads and revenue. Our goal for the blog is to raise your eyebrows with insightful ideas—and more importantly, raise your ROI.

Omnience is all about “smarter marketing events.” That’s more than our tagline; it’s our mission. Our charter is to help C-level executives gain visibility into what traditionally has been an opaque area of the budget.

In this blog, my colleagues and I will be delving into the topics that keep you up at night.  Such as:

  • What’s the revenue potential of upcoming physical and virtual events?
  • How can you turn marketing events into measurable results, such as better leads, shorter sales cycles, and more revenue?
  • How can you track attendees to subsequent sales?
  • How can you gain better sales intelligence?
  • How can you use social media as a strategic component of every marketing event?
  • How do you decide which events to continue to invest in, and which to cut?
  • And more.

Stay tuned—and thanks in advance for considering Omnience as a key source of insights into smarter marketing events!

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