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Once upon a time, a company’s website was simply a brochure. A slightly differently-sized, scrollable brochure split into different pages. If you were lucky, you could find a phone number and perhaps an email address to contact a human. As we inched toward Web 2.0, expectations for interactivity leapt forward. Visitors expected searchable content, filter-able databases of information, live chats.

Mobile apps for events have followed a similar evolution. Once simply a static brochure of the agenda (seriously, I once attended an event where the “app” just opened a PDF on my phone!), now your mobile tools must be interactive, flexible and dynamic.

Take for example the app we designed for IBM’s largest global meeting, Information on Demand. In addition to accessing their “live” agenda that could be changed, amended and shared on the fly; attendees could search for others and message them right in the app; view maps of the event space; and more.

And also key to this generation of apps is the sponsor-side view, meaning the version of the app for the event manager. With our app, meeting planners are able to adjust schedules and more right from the app. If for instance a session reached capacity attendance, a mobile alert was sent to the manager who could then move the session to a larger room, and automatically alert all attendees who had signed up. The new session location is dynamically updated everywhere throughout the system.

We don’t merely provide a mobile app for your attendees – we extend the full capabilities of enterprise solutions to the mobile platform. And we can’t wait to develop the next- NEXT gen apps for events!

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