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CFOs want to know: What’s the value of marketing?

Jon Miller, co-founder of marketing automation firm Marketo, wrote a superb article for Inc. Miller explains why CFOs have difficulty grasping the value of marketing. It’s because marketers are so wrapped up in “short-term thinking,” they can’t quantify their own value. He points out that “the best way to develop a marketing budget is to […]

What about Webinars?

In a September post, “Face-to-Face Meetings Build Trust – and Your Brand,” Chuck Jones made the point that face-to-face events are essential in the world of B2B marketing. They give prospects the opportunity to interact with your people and experience your company. Let’s examine the relationship of webinars to face-to-face events. A decade ago, many […]

Content Marketing – what makes compelling content compelling?

Last week’s blog focused on how marketers can justify events in their 2014 budgeting. We suggested pointing out to top management that marketing events are the most powerful form of content marketing. Content development and distribution, surveys show, is garnering a growing share of the marketing budget. Content marketing is the practice of getting appropriate […]

Accenture: To grow, hit the ‘reset button’ on technology

A report from Accenture is a must-read for CMOs. It might make you re-think your answer to a simple question: “What business are you in?” In its “Accenture Technology Vision 2013” report, Accenture finds that “because technology has become core to virtually every aspect of a business, every business is a digital business.” (I added […]

Defend your spend – with event analytics

At many companies, budgets for marketing events – along with print and broadcast media – are being cut this year. According to a survey by Aquent/American Marketing Association, 14% of marketers expect to decrease their organization’s focus on the “events/trade shows/virtual events” category in 2013. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I can almost hear […]

The ROI blog: What’s in it for you?

The Omnience management team has set high standards for the content of this blog. The posts won’t be chit-chat. We expect every post to deliver value to CMOs, marketing managers, and event professionals. We want to help you maximize the potential of a key component of your marketing budget: marketing events that generate leads and […]