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Life as a HIPster – Hospitality Industry Professional

At Omnience, we love seeing our employees involved in the event industry outside of work. In previous posts we’ve shared Allyson Wagner’s commitment towards greener meetings. This week, we’re featuring a post from our own Chris Bonnett, who is heavily involved with Hospitality Industry Professionals (HIP) Atlanta. Learn more about his involvement in the organization. […]

Turn your event into an interest group

As every event sponsor knows, a meeting’s effectiveness depends significantly on how well the meeting’s sponsor follows up with attendees. In the old days, maybe that meant sending attendees a binder of session summaries and transcripts. Circa 1990, we started emailing PowerPoint presentations instead. In today’s totally connected world, meeting PPTs and videos can live […]

Content Marketing – what makes compelling content compelling?

Last week’s blog focused on how marketers can justify events in their 2014 budgeting. We suggested pointing out to top management that marketing events are the most powerful form of content marketing. Content development and distribution, surveys show, is garnering a growing share of the marketing budget. Content marketing is the practice of getting appropriate […]

For your 2014 budget: Link events spending to Content Marketing

CMOs tell us that they have to fight tooth-and-nail to get the budget they need for key marketing events. To protect and expand the events budget, marketers need to show management how much money marketing events bring in. That’s the overarching theme of the posts you’ve been reading in the Omnience ROI Blog. Examples: Last […]

Face-to-Face Meetings Build Trust – and Your Brand

What’s the value of face-to-face, physical events versus other methods of marketing? The research I’ve seen on the topic is sketchy and academic. One study I read was laden with professorial gobbledygook, but I did manage to find the bottom line: Face-to-face communication plays a major role in establishing trust between buyers and suppliers. More […]

What we can learn from the IRS’s meeting mismanagement

When the story first broke about the IRS spending lavishly on a conference in Las Vegas, my first reaction was anger over the foolish squandering of taxpayer funds. My next reaction was more reflective. None of the articles I have since read about this debacle mentioned the purposes of the event. So now I’m seeing […]

The ROI blog: What’s in it for you?

The Omnience management team has set high standards for the content of this blog. The posts won’t be chit-chat. We expect every post to deliver value to CMOs, marketing managers, and event professionals. We want to help you maximize the potential of a key component of your marketing budget: marketing events that generate leads and […]