Monthly Archives: September 2013

For your 2014 budget: Link events spending to Content Marketing

CMOs tell us that they have to fight tooth-and-nail to get the budget they need for key marketing events. To protect and expand the events budget, marketers need to show management how much money marketing events bring in. That’s the overarching theme of the posts you’ve been reading in the Omnience ROI Blog. Examples: Last […]

Recommended video: “Why Measuring Meeting ROI is a Must”

Find a break in your schedule to watch a short video by Theresa (Terri) Breining of the Breining Group LLC. It will be a well-spent four minutes. Measuring meeting success, she notes, begins with setting clear objectives. The most important question for any meeting is: What do we want people to do as a result […]

Face-to-Face Meetings Build Trust – and Your Brand

What’s the value of face-to-face, physical events versus other methods of marketing? The research I’ve seen on the topic is sketchy and academic. One study I read was laden with professorial gobbledygook, but I did manage to find the bottom line: Face-to-face communication plays a major role in establishing trust between buyers and suppliers. More […]