Monthly Archives: August 2013

Are you managing ROI for your marketing events?

Last summer David Cooperstein, vice president and practice leader at Forrester Research, wrote a thought-provoking article for Forbes titled, “Marketing change management – like it or not, you have to figure it out.” One of his key points: “ROI drives budget approval. You want more budget? Prove it to the CFO.” That’s especially true for […]

Accenture: To grow, hit the ‘reset button’ on technology

A report from Accenture is a must-read for CMOs. It might make you re-think your answer to a simple question: “What business are you in?” In its “Accenture Technology Vision 2013” report, Accenture finds that “because technology has become core to virtually every aspect of a business, every business is a digital business.” (I added […]